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Admob Minimum Advertising Payment Amount


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Google Admob is the leading Mobile Advertising Brand by Google Company,
 Our Admob review 2013 for Setuping Admob Minimum Payment for advertising funds is $50.00 This charges amount will pay on how advertising cost will be Created for every Admob New Ad Campaign.

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Admob Minimum Advertising Payment Amount.

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Your daily ad campaign budget depending on how much you are willing to spend each day,Admob says in rare instances, you may exceed the campaign budget,If that occurs, the extra clicks will not be charged.Google is effectively post-paid where your credit card is charged monthly in arrears based on the cost of your ads. Admob is based on a pre-paid wallet where you add funds in advance of spending them.
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Admob Advertising image ads sizes.Admob Advertising image ads sizes.Admob Advertising image ads sizes.

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Spending $50 to your wallet, We chose to enter the minimum bids assuming that this would reduce the total admob impressions and slow down the click through. To our surprise, US$50 was consumed in a little over 1 hour! As can be seen by the screenshot below, our campaign generated more than 1 million impressions resulting in 5,000 clicks with an average CTR of 0.48%.
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Admob Minimum Advertising Payment Amount