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MARKET YOUR BRAND WITH FEDERATD MEDIA , Federated media founded year 2005 Federated media almost 9 years old in online marketing advertising agencies, Federated media is the best choice of independent publishers.

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John Battelle is the founder of Federated Media including his friends,
The sites and applications we represent span many topic areas and feature various types of content (blogs, apps, community platforms, video, etc.) but they all share a common trait: They’re engaged in quality conversations with their audiences and the broader web. People who go to those sites are more likely than the typical Internet visitor to engage in conversation. These communities of influencers fuel the social web.

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FM develops programs and products that help brands engage in those conversations and host their own dialogues with current and potential customers. As we’ve grown to have offices across North America and represent a larger number of partners, that basic principle continues to describe our business.

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