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Google Admob Pay Rate 2013


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Google Admob Pay Rate 2013

google admob pay rate. Google Admob paypalpay rate standard mobile cpm rate,This year 2013admobstandard fill rate and click-rate ,standard advertising pay rate depends the click through rate (CTR). Publisher Equation admob cpc calculation pay cpm mobile rate graph.
  • $0.04/1000 Adviews standard price rate
    • 0.11/ 1000 Adviews premium admob CPM pay rate
  • $100 Minimum Spent
  • 99 cents US iPhone users

Possible Advertiser Equation on admob cpc average calculation payment rate graph,

  • 50 cents per click

  • 26,815 impressions

  • 200 clicks

  • Average of 0.75%

  • Average CPC of $0.50

  • 70 cents per sale

  • 16 sales $11.20

  • Some Publishers and Developers ask this?

    Google Admob click through rate,  how many impression to earn 1 cent?
    SiteAdWiki Conclude that every 600 impression made from your site equivalent of 1 cent, based on siteadwiki study.

    About Admob,

    AdMob is cpm mobile advertising company owned by Google which lets developers monetize their applications by "renting" screen real-estate to display ads. AdMob is one of the world's largest mobile advertising platforms and claims to serve more than 40 billion mobile banner and text ads per month.
    Google Admob calculation country pay rateSouth Korea-24 clicks = 7 cents Malaysia - 11 cents/click Japan - 2 clicks 0 cents.

    google admob cpm pay rate.

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  • Google Admob Pay Rate 2013

  • Google Admob Pay Rate 2013