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Increase Kontera CPM Rate Tips


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We all knew Kontera Advertising is like Infolinks, Adbrite, Vibrant Media, Clicksor, Affinity, and other Text Link Advertising Ads Company I share to you how to Increase Kontera publisher CPM rate.

Today Siteadwiki explain and help how to monetize better in Kontera Advertising using ads customization  Since Kontera discovered and develop in the year of 2003 many Ad Publisher increase and earn more money by using these tips .

Tips 1 You have to make more relevant content for every blog post, or site post is the best tips to boost your (CTR) Click Through Rates, It necessary that your relevant keyword post in the content so that the ads should be displayed only in the post content area this will be the reason to maximum CTR (Click Through Rate).

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Tips 2 Do not use bright colored by customizing your in line text advertising ads,
To get more clicks from Kontera in-text ads, change the Kontera link color to match the link color used in your site. These simple tips can increase your Kontera earnings up to 3X times.

Tips 3 If you see certain inline text ads being highlighted doesn’t comply with your sites niche, Then you can write to Kontera Support to filter those content keywords. After the changes and tips are implemented in this case, More relevant ads will be displayed and you will receive more clicks and generate more money daily.

Increase Kontera CPM Rate Tips