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Targeting AD Firm Online, Specific Media Wikipedia Founded in 1999 by Tim Vanderhook, and his brothers Chris and Russell.

Specific Media Careers,
Specific Media Helps Online Marketers Bid, Deal, and Buy Digital Ads across the world wide web, Including Online Video Ads, Mobile Ads, and most of all TV ads.

Specific Media Major in brokering Ad space websites, helps fast growing online business and quickly collecting Geographic, Demographic, Basically Specific Media target consumer  ads. The company now ranks among the largest online advertising networks in the country, reaching 170.9 million unique U.S. Visitors in May, or about 79% of the U.S. Internet users, according to ComScore Inc.

Specific Media has raised more than $110 million in funding, closing a $100 million round of financing from private-equity firm Francisco Partners in 2007. Since then, the company has acquired a couple of digital advertising companies, including online video company Broadband Enterprises and an Amsterdam ad technology company.

Online advertising is a vastly different world than it was 10 years–or even 10 months–ago. In today’s cluttered landscape, brands must work harder to stay relevant and top-of-mind among an increasingly distracted and fragmented audience.

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Specific Media Vision,
At Specific Media, our solution to audience fragmentation is media defragmentation. Our vision is to enable brands to connect with consumers no matter where they are, whether that's in front of a computer, on a Smartphone or even in front of an Internet-connected television. With an impressive catalog of sophisticated display and video advertising solutions, we give brands the tools to make a lasting impression on discriminating audiences.

Clients come to us for relevance, scale and answers. From addressable advertising to cross-platform capabilities and custom analytics, our products deliver wide-scale engagement and measurable impact.

Specific Media Insights,
  • Web site visitation
  • Consumer engagement: time spent, pages visited
  • Competitive share
  • Search
An advert informs measurability and insight, Specific Media conducted a study using Ad Effectiveness data backed by ComScore analytics.
Advertisers have long been aware of the benefits of investing in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), but many are unaware of the synergy between display advertising and search. The data in this study suggest that display advertising has a significant impact on search, contributing to lifts in search for brand and segment terms and incremental subsequent clicks on paid and organic listings.

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