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Yahoo Advertising Originate from, Overture Services, Inc. Formerly
Yahoo! Search Marketing is a keyword-based "Pay per click" or "Sponsored search" Internet advertising service provided by Yahoo!
Yahoo! Began offering this service after acquiring Overture Services, Inc. Formerly was an Idealab spin off and was the first company to successfully provide a pay-for-placement search service following previous attempts that were not well received.

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  • List of search engines
  • Microsoft adCenter
  • Pay per click
  • Search engine marketing

Yahoo and Bing Unite into one ad network,
Yahoo Advertising Wiki.

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Key Features of the program for publishers include:
  • Easy-to-use: Ads can be added to a publisher’s website in minutes using the powered self-serve platform. Publishers can select an ad size and copy-paste the HTML provided on their web pages to start displaying targeted sponsored links and ad topics.
  • Premium advertiser pool: Access to the Yahoo! Bing Network consisting of millions of ads and ad topics.
  • Robust targeting: Proprietary technology scans all the content on web pages and delivers highly relevant ads.
  • Customization: Publishers can use the platform to pick from multiple ad sizes, skin the ads to match their look-and-feel requirements, and even request highly customized ad units.
  • Control: Publishers can influence the ad targeting on a web page by providing hints (keywords). Also, unwanted advertisers and ad topics can be easily blocked.
  • Dynamic optimization: Ad units consist of sponsored links, ad topics or a combination of both, as determined on an impression-by-impression basis to maximize ad yield.
  • Placement flexibility: Publishers can run ad units in tandem with or in place of their current ads.
  • Mobile ads: Publishers can choose to display mobile optimized ad units on their web pages to users browsing the site for any use (iPhone, iPad and iTouch), Android and Blackberry phone or tablet.
  • Real support: Full-time ad specialists from provide support to publishers. Publishers can interact with a real person to help with performance improvements, optimization and customizations.
Yahoo Advertising Media Network Details
Commission Type: CPM, CPC
Minimum Payment: $100
Payment Frequency: Net 45 payments the 15th of every month
Payment Method: Bankwire
Country: US
Contact: Telephone:

Email: [email protected]://
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About ValueClick Media,

Network Type: CPM, CPC, PPC

Ad types: Banner, Contextual,
Payment Methods: PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit
Minimum Payment Threshold: $100
Payment Frequency: Earnings are paid on the 20th of each month for the previous month
Conflict with other programs and/or exclusivity: None
Requirements / Restrictions: Professional Design
Website URL:

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