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2013 Average CPM Rates

Base on 2013 study about the average latest calculation of cpm pricing it depends on what type of site niche category rate. The standard average of marketing advertising usually it liquidating into upon two groups the advertisers and publishers, CPM rate it normally slice based on 60% goes to publishers revenue against 40% goes to Ad Agency or Ad Network Companies.

Siteadwiki Recommend The top 40 high CPM rate Ad Networks.

Marketing Average CPM Rates

  1. Mobile Video CPM Rates 2013
  2. Radio CPM standard
  3. Facebook Country Ads Average Performance
  4. Average Pay CPM Banner Ads Campaign
  5. Best CPM Rates for ASIA
  7. Niche Media CPM Rates
  8. YouTube Average CPM/CPV Rate
  9. Japan, Average CPM Rate 2013
  10. Adfonic Average CPM Rate 2013
  11. Infolinks Average CPM Rates 2013
  12. Mobile Advertising Average CPM Rates
  13. Average CPM for Banner Ads
National Advertising Cost - is based on what are the entire Ad publish current price per campaign,
Like for example - average radio ad spam, media average CPM rate of Network Television, Cable Television CPM, Major Newspaper, Local Magazine, Billboard, World Wide Web, Direct Email, and Targeted Email.

Top Ten Countries Most High CPM rate,

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  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Canada
  4. Europe
  5. Pacific
  6. Australia
  7. Asia
  8. Japan
  9. Africa
  10. South Africa,
Some other AD Agency share their revenues publisher up to 70%, while 30% goes to Ad Agencies out of 100% revenue share average in this year 2013. Just like Facebook Ad rate in advertiser 2012 is 11 percent ads targeted at US Users only. Because of TBG Facebook advertising rate increase into 20% percent in between of first quarter and Fourth Quarter.

20 Most High CPM Rate Countries

  1. US $0.92
  2. Brazil $0,23
  3. Netherlands $0,70
  4. United Kingdom $0,82
  5. Italy $1.22
  6. Finland $0,41
  7. United Arab Emirates $0,22
  8. Ireland $0,27
  9. Germany $0,93
  10. France $0,82
  11. Sweden $0,57
  12. Austria $0,91
  13. Spain $0,76
  14. Norway $0,86
  15. Denmark $0,64
  16. Argentina $0,20
  17. Belgium $0,80
  18. South Africa $0,25
  19. Switzerland $0,99
  20. Japan $0,49
  21. Singapore $0,35
  22. Malaysia $0,29
  23. Philippines $0,22
  24. India $0,15
  25. Indonesia $0,13
  26. Thailand $0,13
  27. Korea $0,29

How much does Email CPM?

Type of Average CPM latest verified data points displays ads $2.80, Email Ads $5.00, Mobile Ads
Various Video Ads $3.00.

Reflects an estimated banner ad CPM for sending emails, This guide contains multiple data points, including averages for iOS, Android, Interstitials, and Banner Ads
In addition to the simple averages, each individual CPM rate guide contains.

Did you notice that email CPM ads is much higher than display, mobile and video ads,
Prices for sponsoring an email have a whole lot to do with the quality, whether it's a double opt in, etc. Small business lists can have a $20 CPM or a $100 CPM. Generally, links in emails, go for $1-5 CPM or they have a CPC model of $. 50 - $5... Again, depending on the quality of the list. Generally smaller, DR (direct response) advertiser that would take this opportunity

Online Advertising Rates CPM,

Advertising Average Cost for 2013 Publish CPM Rates.

  • To calculate CPM you take the cost of the campaign divided by the impressions divided by 1,000
  • [CPM = Ad Cost / (IMP/1000)]
  • To calculate Ad Cost you take the CPM cost times 1,000 divide the impression number by that result. [Ad Cost = IMP / (CPM * 1000)]
  • To calculate Impressions you take the Ad Cost divided by CPM multiply that number by 1,000.
  • [IMP = (Ad Cost / CPM) x 1000]

Television Media Average CPM Rate

2013 Media CPM Rate.

2013 local and international average CPM rates,

  1. Network Television ----- 30 second commercial total cost of $ 80,000 to $ 600,000 Million Benefits audience sizes of 10,000,000.00 (10 million) to 20,000,000.00 (20 million), The Average Media CPM rate or the Cost per Thousand around $5 to $30 Advertiser spend investments.
  2. Average CPM for Radio Advertising ------60 seconds commercial total cost of $200 to $1000 target total Audiences more than 50,000 (50 thousand) to 2,000,000.00 (2 Million) Total Standard Average Media Cost per Thousand (CPM) rate around $1 to $18 total cash investments of Advertiser.
  3. WWW-World Wide Web ----- Rich Media Advertising Ads in (One Month) time limit - total ad cost 0f $200 to $ 1,000,000.00 (1 Million) Targeted Total online Advertising Audiences of 10,000, to 50,000,000, (50 Million) Total Average Cost per Thousand (CPM) rate $18 to $30.

Did you notice,

Network Television is higher ad investment cost while WWW- or World Wide Web - is Lesser Advertising Cost, Higher Audience sizes Target. Be wise of investing money for advertising ads
You must think always. I hope siteadwiki team helps you better analyze the best options.

2013 Average CPM Rates