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Facebook CPM Rates 2013


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Facebook Current CPM ad Rates,

Regularly Facebook current CPM ad rates cost in advertising, it cost per impression - Current sites ad-serving per CPM ads pricing about 41% percent raise a standard rate of 1 year period advertising contract depends of what types of site niches,It depends advertiser capacity budgets per banner ads,text ads.
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Two types of dealing Facebook advertising,
CPC and CPM two options but different prices, SiteAdWiki -  recommend a deal with CPC cost.

Classified SiteAds | Youtube CPM

Top Online CPM Site |Average CPM Rate | TribalFusion CPM Rate
Contextual Ad Network | Video Ad Network | Rich Media Ad Network,

Facebook Ad CPM Rates 2013 Review,

  • Domain Ads - Standard Facebook ad rate of $0.35 CPM/1,000 impressions = Target impressions of $61/Billions Audiences
  • Page post AD - $1.66 CPM rate/ 1,000 impressions = Target impressions of $ 1.6 Billions
  • Event AD - $0.90 CPM rate / 1,000 impression = Target impressions of 42/Millions Audiences

Most Top Countries High CPM rates,

  • United States $0.46/ CPM Target Impressions 55 Billions Monthly Impressions
  • United Kingdom $0.40/ CPM Target Impressions 4.3 Billions Monthly Impressions
  • Germany $0.28 / CPM Impressions/ 3.5 Billions Audiences monthly - online adserving germany 2013

Example of Facebook Advertising,

Minimum budget plan $15 per day will your ad-serving run,
  • 1st week CPM (pay by traffic)
  • 2nd week CPC (pay per click) with the same target parameters
  • 3rd week Promoted Post (with specific promotion)
  • 4th week – whatever worked best from the previous weeks.

Standard Bid Price,

Current average impression CPM cost on Facebook,

The current bid ad price, I set up for 1000 impressions was $0.25, which was a bit higher than the recommended bid. So far, so good. The first week we generated a click-through rate of 0.005% which was far from great, but considering the essence of the business (web design), we Didn't expect it to be much higher. For us, even a single website order from the 4 campaigns would be success.

Facebook CPM Rates 2013