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High Rate CPM Ad Networks for Entertainment Niche


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Entertainment Niche Best Alternative, Do you have a problem about your Entertainment site niche, Yes i have a suggestion for you me too i do have Entertainment site niche i have already banned from adsense, But now i'm happy about the best alternative ad networks fit in entertainment niche.

High Rate CPM Ad Networks.

CPMLEADER - is not affiliate ad network, to success this cpm ad network you need high US Traffic,Best alternative CPM Ad Networks fit in Entertainment Websites,

ADCASH - Is also good high CPM rate, major in popunders but have the payouts on 100€ NET30, popads (5$ payout on request), infinityads 5$ payout NET30, gunggo 5$ NET30 are also very good for alternative popunders.

About CPM Leader,
* Many websites are accepted , (50% Allow Warez)
* Daily payment , minimum payout : 1 $
* Trust, (Without any Scam )
* Floor CPM : $0.1 _ $0.4

TLVMedia --- is the best network for CPM/CPC banners in Entertainment website, accept warez/movie streaming sites
pays 50$ NET30.
Adnetwkork CPM is low but pays 10$ NET30.
CPM Fun --- is also Entertainment CPM Ad-Network. Highest CPM rates in the industry, best for arcade, mmo, humor or games related websites.

Tips before Applying this Ad-networks,

If you have a website with small traffic you can go safely with them, they will accept you, but instead if you have a big website with minimum 20.000/50.000 impressions a day you can try to join MatomyMedia, CPXInteractive.
Popads --- is non affiate Networks
* Daily payment , minimum payout : 5 $
* Trust, (Without any Scam )
* Floor CPM : $0.3 _ $0.9

High Rate CPM Ad Networks for Entertainment Niche