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Average CPM for Banner Ads


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CPM BANNER ADS is the highest ad revenue share while text ads,
The CPM for banner ads varies widely depending on many factors, including the size of the banner and banner placement. Different Banner Advertising Multimedia banners,animation , video perform, text banner.
Average CPM for Banner Ads

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Average CPM rates for different types of banner ads and for various targeting strategies vary greatly. Inexpensive text ads without any targeting can run for CPM rates of only cents with an average of less than $1. General purpose targeted banners are more expensive, and CPM rates range from several dollars to about $15, with an average of about $7. Highly targeted multimedia banners aimed at popular key words on high-traffic, specialized sites can fetch a CPM rate of as much as $30, with an average CPM close to $15.

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A key part of the cost of online banner advertising is where you want the banner displayed. Publishers have studied which locations on a Web page draw the most clicks, and they offer those locations at a premium compared to less desirable placements. Above the fold means that the banner is visible without scrolling. Banners located above the fold cost more than banners visible after a visitor scrolls down. Banners across the top of a Web page are more expensive than those across the bottom. Large banners across the width of a page cost more than small ads down the side. Overall, banners in a highly desirable location can cost twice as much on average as banners in less desirable positions.

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Targeted Banners
Banner ads are most effective if shown on websites that deal with subjects related to the ad topic. Various markets generate different revenues. According to a survey performed by Adify in 2009, banners on automotive sites have the highest CPM at an average of $15. Health banners are next, averaging about $12, followed by banners on news sites at $10. CPMs for banners about parenting, sports, entertainment and business cluster between $6 and $8, while beauty, fashion and food bring up the rear at an average CPM of about $4.

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Calculating CPM,

Some websites run banner ads at a fixed cost for a particular period. When comparing such sites to others operating on a CPM basis, you have to be able to calculate the site's effective average CPM. For a site charging $100 per month for a banner across the top of a Web page, the corresponding CPM depends on the number of visitors the Web page receives. If it gets 10,000 visitors per month, the cost per thousand is $100 divided by 10, a figure arrived at by dividing the 10,000 visitors by 1000, because the cost is per thousand. The average CPM for the banner would be $10.

Average CPM for Banner Ads