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Most Competitive Cost per Thousand Rates,

Honestly SiteAdWiki - Helps Publisher and Online Advertiser to make competitive banner Ads use for Ad-Campaign in social network,and other the same site niche.

Publisher better choose 3 kinds of banner advertising,

  1. Skycraper Dimension of 120 width X 600 height
  2. MPU Dimension of 300 width X 250 height
  3. Button Dimension of 125 width X 125 height
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Discover the most competitive Cost per Thousand  Ad Rates online,

Network/Cable companies charge high CPM's for their Traditional TV Ads, they feel that they demand higher than normal cpm's. It's worth noting that no matter how competitive  CPM rate looks for the campaign budget, there's no value in it if the ad isn't reaching the right.

Competitive Cost per Thousand Rates