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Infolinks Average CPM Rates 2013


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Total Infolinks Latest Average CPM Rates 2013 , Infolinks Banner rate Drive 100,000 + websites around 128 countries. Standard Infolinks giving average CPM cost pay rate sharing between publishers and advertisers , Publishers gain 60% revenue share, Infolinks average banner rate depends of high CPM countries, high paying keyword, high paying niche,different browser use for organic search keyword.

Infolinks Different Banners Average Ad Rate,

  • Advertise with Intent
  • Target consumers based on intent, to achieve a higher response rate.
  • Powerful Engagement
  • Serve ads only to hand-raisers – people who are truly interested.
  • Make the Most of Your Ads
  • Budget efficiently with competitive pricing and real-time bidding.

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Infolinks Tags Banner Rate - is very important adding tags in the top portion of your website/blog or just above the fold is going to increase your Infolinks CTR average rates.

Related Tags position average impact,
Infolinks Publisher revenue share in related Tags,
Related Tags on Top +35% average rate publisher revenue share
Related Tags on Center + 23%
Related Tags on footer + 14%

Infolinks Average CPM Rates 2013