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Best advertising reviews, and different guides to get started on how to manage ads to our valued newest and professional campaign brand advertisers, monetizers, publishers. Best way to target exact audience to increase the effective highest ROI for your budget investment average cpm, cpc, cpv, cpi cost rates per country.
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AdmediaKing Network Advertising is the only online ad company who pay 200% of fill rate. Banner types most selling is popunder, Mostly publisher ad cost up to 95% to 98%, Advertiser ads cost up to 88% , Publisher they had paid 100% with payment proof.
Technical Support very active to their client average rate of 96%.
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AdMediaKing - Most CPM Ad Network for Publisher and Advertiser.
Quality Traffic for investor and High CPM calculation  for publishers.

AdMediaKing Publisher and Advertiser Details
Ad Network Type: CPM
Ad Format: Banner
Minimum Payment: $ 2
Payment Frequency: NET15
Payment Method: PayPal, Bank Transfer and Check
Referral Program: 5% of the money spent by advertisers you referred

10% of the money earned by publishers you referred
Country: India
Contact: Email: [email protected]
AdMediaKing Payment Proof
Payment Proof: Available

AdMediaKing Clients Promises,

    • Advertisers
    • Multiple Banner Sizes,Pop-Under Ads
    • Quick Setup,Easy to Use Interface
    • Minimum $10 Deposit,PayPal, Credit Cards Accepted
    • Publishers
    • Multiple Ad Formats,100% Fill Rate
    • Minimum $2 Payments,PayPal, Check, or Bank Wire
    • 2 Payment every month,Affiliate Program
Targeting Traffic Audience,

    • Premium placements, segmented to hit your target.
    • Global and local traffic sources. Hand picked for quality.
    • Real-time tracking & reporting system.
    • Unmatched service from our customer support team.
    • Effective advertising made each

Revenue Share,

    • Publishers prefer to work with us?
    • We generate more revenue out of the same inventory.
    • Enjoy industry leading eCPM's for your inventory.
    • Boost your ad revenue, often by more than 200%
How they Serve Ads?
As the reputable audience targeting platform of its kind,
AdMediaKings’s deep advertiser relationships make us a reliable partner you can count on.
Billions of ads served
The company you can

AdMediaKing Wiki - Publisher | Advertiser Details