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Adversal CPM Rate 2014


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Adversal pay for publishers in very high cpm rate in any categories. Best paying banner campaign of this network is pop unders.They pay a very decent rate of $0.80 up to $1.44 per 1000 pop-unders.

Adversal cpm pic
Banner type cpm rate - 468x60 banner type CPM ads  pay a decent rate up to $.15/1000 pageviews.
Standard Ads Rate - $0.10 to $1.20
As Adversal says, They pay better for Ministitials Popunders, They also generating an average eCPM rate of $0.56 considering we have 50% visitors from India overall.
    • They have 100 % fill rate means none of your impressions is going to be wasted as they have atleast some sort of earning for each country.
    • Payment is automated.

Is Adversal compatible with adsense?

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Adversal popups is not compatible due to adsense TOS. However the adversal popups long enough to get paid, They get paid on the 16th, so at least it's good to know that adversal pay . Now if they would come up with a high cpm rate for every banners instead of popups, I'd take a serious look.

Direct to the point Adversal clearly good and recommended it’s perfect CPM site. Since you are here from Search Engine, I might not need to explain you how CPM networks works, so I will directly come to the point whether Adversal is scam or legit, how does it fair against other CPM networks, payment proof and other details.

Tribalfusion and Adversal almost the same adnetwork, Publisher application is very hard to approve you must have 30,000 impression per month.

Adversal CPM Rate 2014