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Europe Mobile Advertising Cost

Europe Mobile Advertising CPM is really amaze high ad rate, Publishers revenue share definitely most high cpm , Mobile Advertiser investment is really targeting ads effectiveness.

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The Mobile CPM in Europe standard rate of $3.00 up to $5.00 plus the CPC rate depending of what is Advertisers budget according to the ad-networks tariff.

Europe Country is the most rich country in whole world, We all knew this is the number 1 highest prophet rate . Mobfox is the number 1 mobile advertising in Europe

Up to 300% higher eCPMs for your iOS and Android traffic in the US Europe
More Control! MobFox's eCPMcontrol feature allows you to choose how much an ad should pay before you show it. (e.g. you can set a minimum CPC of $0.15 so MobFox will only show ads in your app if they pay $0.15 per click or more)
MobFox:BackFill is a feature that allows you to easily backfill your un-filled ad-space through secondary ad-networks, without the need of integrating multiple Ad Network SDKs

MobFox will give you an additional Publisher Revenue Share of +15% for your first three months as a MobFox Publisher. That's 75/25 instead of the standard 60/40 for MobFox Publishers. Just sign up through and the bonus will be applied automatically.

Most Popular European Mobile Advertising Network Brand

  1. Mobfox – European-focused ad network based in Austria. Offers CPC and CPM models, also offers its own ad server and App boost service.
  2. Sofialys – European mobile ad network and marketing service provider, with offices in Mexico and Singapore. Offers video ads, banner ads and SMS solutions.
  3. TapTapNetworks – Premium mobile ad network that focuses on the Spanish market and other European territories. Offers rich media ads and advanced targeting.
  4. Madvertise – European ad network focused on Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Supports rich media ads, video and CPC/CPM campaigns.
  5. Star Advertising – Mobile ad network that’s focused on the entertainment industry. Based in Europe.
  6. ClickAttack – Rich media mobile ad network focused on the Eastern European market. Works with brands such as Coca Cola and McDonalds.
  7. YOC Group – Mobile tech group that offers an ad-network encompassing performance and premium ads. Claims to be biggest premium mobile ad network in Europe.
  8. Widespace – Premium mobile ad network focused on the European market. Offers its own unique ad formats that it claims facilitates better engagement among users.
  9. Trademob – Acts as single buying point across multiple ad networks, exchanges and sources and applies optimization using data to the media buy.
  10. MadAdz – Global DSP with offices in the UK and Germany. Offers access to a number of mobile ad networks include admob and adultmoda.
  11. KissMyAds – Global mobile ad network that’s based in Germany and focuses mainly on the CPA model.

European Mobile Banner Advertising Spending Cost,

Europe Mobile Advertising Cost
Why we advertise in mobile campaign?
  • Mobile RTB impressions grew by 43%, and tablet impressions by an astonishing 102%.
  • Mobile ads have consistently shown higher clickthrough rates than standard with viewers in Asia-Pacific least likely to click and those in Europe year of which 33% will go toward spending on banners and rich media.
  • All the ingredients are now in place to ensure that European mobile advertising specially in UK, the mobile banner ads must be accounted for a lile over 60% of campaign spend cost.

Europe Mobile Advertising Cost