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Mobfox Most High Paying in Europe


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Mobfox is the number most high paying ad-network in Europe, They pay mobile advertising network for traffic on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7.;The report assumes that you monetize your EU and US traffic through MobFox. You can achieve such high revenue for our publishers by working directly with all major brands, advertisers & media agencies worldwide.
    • Monthly EU page impressions of your app: 1,000,000
    • Average EU CPC earnings: $0,20
    • Monthly US page impressions of your app: 500,000
    • Average US CPC earnings: $0,10
    • Average CTR (click-through-rate): 2%
    • Total revenue for your EU traffic: $4,000
    • Total revenue for your US traffic: $1,000
    • Total revenue with MobFox: $5,000
    • Total revenue with other ad networks: $2,000-$3,000
    • You can further improve your earnings by using our unique eCPMcontrol feature.

 This survey is taken from iPhone & Android traffic on the MobFox Network. Revenue numbers and CPC prices might be slightly lower on the Windows Phone 7 platform, as WP7 is new and still emerging on the market.

Mobfox Most High Paying in Europe