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    • AdVideo
    • The first Ukrainian advertising network video format, which is by far more effective in contrast to the standard formats. Networking allows you to place advertisements in the player before playing the online video (pre-roll), after watching video online (post-roll), as well as a banner during a pause - pause-banner.

AdVideo - advertising network video format number 1 in Ukraine. This format has proven to be highly effective - 100% attention of the user, the return is ten times greater than that of banner advertising (average ctr - 8%), budget savings advertiser.

AdVideo advertising network -

Allows you to run commercials before watching video online (pre-roll) lasting 15-30 seconds at dozens of popular websites with video content.

Technical requirements for PreRoll and PostRoll ad network AdVideo:
Format - flv
In the absence of such a format, we adapt your movie for free.
Video size 640x480 or 640x360.
Roller length up to 30 seconds
Weight of the file up to 3Mb

Also in the network are possible, such as non-standard - wow-roll - when advertising goes beyond the player.

Package "Premium"
Pre-roll (15 - 30 sec) - 60 hits grn./1000
Coverage of 9 million

Package "Economy"
Pre-roll (15 - 30 sec) - 40 hits grn./1000
Coverage 5000000

Package "Ohvatny"
Pre-roll (15 - 30 sec) - 50 hits grn./1000
Coverage 12000000

150 hits grn./1000

Advertising campaigns can configure:
- By geography (country, region);
- Days and times;
- The number of impressions and conversions are unique to the user.
- IPhone & iPad

Advertisers have access to the statistics in real time. Advertising network based on independent technical platform -

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