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YouTube cpm rate 2014


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According to past year Youtube,

The parent company Google's Web site,

    Advertising on YouTube requires a $50,000 spend within 90 days. On brand channels, advertisers must spend $250,000 across Google and YouTube, including $100,000 or more on YouTube only. A YouTube home page roadblock is a $100,000 per day flat fee plus a $100,000 incremental spend on Google and YouTube within 90 days.

    More on Youtubers,

    Companies wanting to advertise on YouTube for less can sign up for Google AdWords for as little as a $1 CPM.
    I heard from one of my friend that youtube pays only around $1.5 per 1000 views.
    Can anyone tell me how much youtube pays for 1000 views.
    I know youtube restricts their partners from revealing their income.
    I don't want to know the exact amount.
    I just want to know an Approx amount ..

    YouTube cpm rate 2014