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CPM advertising networks are becoming very popular among bloggers and other organizations that have web pages. Although the networks vary, the basic principle is that they will pay the site for each impression served.

The Basic Facts

If you have a page that receives 100,000 page views daily and the network is willing to pay $1 per one thousand impressions, you’ll be making a hundred dollars day. As a rule, these networks will require that your site has a particular traffic level before accepting you. This will vary depending on the network.

When the CPM advertising networks accept you, tower and banner ads will be placed on your site. Aside from this, the networks will also put in some pop unders and pop ups on the site. The more page views you get, the more money you will earn from these networks.

Choosing an Ad Network,
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Some of the better known networks are Right Media, Tribal Fusion, Value Click, Burst Media and Casale Media. These are large networks, and there are many other smaller ones available. In case you are not accepted by one network, you can try others.

Before you sign up though, knowing some basic facts about the CPM may be necessary.

Facts about CPM Ads

CPM ads refer to the Internet ads in relation to the cost of per thousand impressions. An impression is an instance of the ad loading on the web page. A blog that gets 20,000 views a month with a $2 CPM banner makes $40 from the banner. By increasing the number of page views, the banners will go up as well as the earnings.

The Benefits of CPM Ads

There are many web pages with high page views but very low ad clicks as users often don’t click the ads. By using CPM ads, you will open another venue to make money online. These can be used as an alternative to Google Adsense Units.


Those who are new to blogging may opt for the smaller networks for now. The biggest advantage is their requirements are not steep. This will make it easy for new bloggers to get an idea of how it works and how to start making money.

If you have never used CPM advertising networks, now is the ideal time. Blogging is all the rage, and these networks can provide you with a steady stream of income you may not have thought possible.

CPM Advertising Networks