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Best advertising reviews, and different guides to get started on how to manage ads to our valued newest and professional campaign brand advertisers, monetizers, publishers. Best way to target exact audience to increase the effective highest ROI for your budget investment average cpm, cpc, cpv, cpi cost rates per country.
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Legit Paid to Post Ads Jobs,

pay per post screensot photoThousands of legit online jobs you could handle it in your hands as your alternative jobs aside your major jobs daily. Hundreds of legit websites operating online, They pay for every writing articles, commenting, helping others or community websites generate earn for every post of your campaign ads.

Not all paid to post classified websites are legit, After reviewing of SiteAdWiki - The Global Online Ads Wikihistory almost 30% of pay per posting ads  or PPP online are a scam site, Story behind are not paying legit publisher earning exact history and other lying related stories.

How to Post Ads On Websites?

You can use this ad technique and tricks to promote and post ads directly through Google Adwords and alternative third party websites that related to your campaign ads for free or even pay posting ads websites. Google has 8 legit websites, offered users to post ads in YouTube advertising platform, Google Plus, Google Map local places, Google blog search, Google groups, Google base and Blogspot.

Sounds interesting, Yes it is. But thousands of freelance ads posting job online, searching for applicants who are seeking to make money posting ads on social media, classified posting expert and  campaign marketers highly get paid to post ads for companies online.

There are thousands of posting ads online legitimate classified websites that you can target your audience consumers to UK, EUROPE, UNITED STATES, GERMANY, CANADA and INDIA.

Posting Ads Online Jobs

Can You Really Make Money Posting Ads Online? While many of the jobs out there saying you can get paid to post ads aren’t going to be legitimate ways to earn money from home, there actually are a few ways you can harness the power of ads to make some money for yourself.

The primary thing I’m talking about is called affiliate marketing. When you go into affiliate marketing, what you do is sign up as an affiliate with a business that’s offering some sort of product for sale — like a course or a program. A popular example of this would be the Amazon Affiliate program.

So you sign up as an affiliate, and then your “job” is to sell that company’s product(s) using your personal affiliate link. You can do this via emails, a blog or website, and you can certainly do it by running ads to your affiliate link. You can even sell your affiliate products on Pinterest!

There are all kinds of marketing strategies revolving around affiliate marketing, and these are far and away the most legitimate way to make money by posting ads. You’ll need to study up on the ad platforms you’re using, though — it’s not just something you can sit down and start doing in 10 minutes and then turn around and start making tons of money. (You can get ads set up pretty quickly — they just won’t convert very well if you don’t know what you’re doing.)

Job boards are a great place to find work-at-home jobs, but they're also a great place to find scams. One of the commonly posted work-at-home job scams has something to do with getting paid to post ads online. Sometimes these job ads tell you that you can make money from home by posting ads. Sometimes it's by typing.

Working at home successfully is all about maximizing your online time for profits. If you are new to my site, I highly recommend the below opportunities and resources.

Ebates – I love, love, love Ebates. It’s not unusual for me to earn $300 to $1,000 per month in cash back bonuses and referring my friends. And, the program is free! They will even give you a $10 gift card just for signing up (and so will you).

Swagbucks – This program has come a long way from its earn-for-search beginning. Today you can earn SB for completing surveys, watching videos and more. Redeem your SB (aka Swagbucks) for cash or gift cards. (Members redeem approximately 7,000 gift cards per day!) Get a $5 signup bonus when you earn 2500 SB in your first 3 months.

Ibotta - This nifty little app can help you earn money doing something you have to do anyway - grocery shopping. It's kind of like coupons, but instead of money off at the counter, you get cash back on select items each week. You can take your rebate by PayPal in cash or use it to purchase gift cards at great merchants like Amazon. They also have an amazing referral program. Get $10 for every two friends you refer! If you sign up through my referral link, you will get another $10 bonus when you redeem your first rebate.

FlexJobs – This is my go-to job board for high-quality job leads. The listings are always researched and always telecommute. No scams!

Tips on How to Avoid Being Scammed by one of the Fake Job Offers,

  1. Send a generic inquiry first. Do not send your resume right away. Do not waste your time on a cover letter and reformatting your resume for a scam. Tell them you are interested in the job but would like to know more about the company and the location. Be sure to ask who you should direct the resume to.
  2. Search for that job title in Google - example "Admin Assistant Craig's List" and see if it comes up in other cities with the exact same job post.
  3. If they reply to your email. Check the name, company and website. Always check to make sure the company is a real company before you continue to waste time pursuing the job offer. Do a Google search on the company name or contact name to see if they exist or if there are any complaints written by others about this job offer.
  4. Check the website address they give you. Does the website seem legitimate or does it just redirect you to another site? If the link is something like "". Check the main website by taking off the "submityourresume.asp" and search the "" to see what the website is really about. If it is bogus it will have nothing to do with the job offer or the company.
  5. Never pay money for anything. Never give your credit card or bank account info. Never open a bank account for a foreign company!.

Legit Classified, Forum, Article Writer, Pay per Post Ads Website online

Legit pay per post forum sites, paid to post online jobs

  • Maylot
  • Digitalmoneytalk

Get Paid to Read, Click, and Fill Out Forms

  • Cashcrate - sites that pay you to complete free offers online
  • Zotspot - The sites that pay you to use their search engine
  • Clix Sense - Sites that will pay you to look at ads

Get paid to write - GPW Sites that pay you to write reviews
  1. ReviewStream - pays as much as $1.50 each for reviews of just about anything. Review books, movies, medicines, your favorite restaurant, the mp3 player you got for Christmas, whatever you like.
  2. Epinions - site that pays writers for reviews.
  3. Review Party - site where users can make money for writing reviews.
  4. Wahm - Hiring moms at house into online real jobs, Offered legitimate companies that hire telecommuters and at- home workers with a variety of different skills.
Get paid to post ads for companies there are sites maybe you will satisfied work from home.

Legit Classified Sites Pay Posting Ads