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SendDroid Official Mobile Ad Review


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SendDroid Official Mobile Ad Review,

SendDroid was founded by a group of mobile advertising veterans, who are passionate about results.
senddroid site screenshot photoSendDroid most high paying average revenue rate 2014 mobile adnetworkspositioned itself as one of the top platform for Android™ developer to monetize their mobile inventory. With over 10,000 Android™ developers leveraging the SendDroid platform, our revolutionary mobile ad formats generate developers 7x-20x higher eCPM’s compared to standard in-app advertising.
Once you try our high performing and specialized ad units (Push Notification Ads and Icon Ads), you will not want to go back to standard mobile banners. But don’t take our word for it, try it out for yourself, integration takes less than 5 minutes.

The SendDroid Edge

SendDroid has enabled a positive shift in mobile advertising and publishing, while creating an extraordinary experience for mobile app developers and advertisers.


Mobile Advertisers can reach Android™ users unlike any other type of mobile offering. Our ads drive notable performance, through greater click through rates (CTR’s), conversion rates, and nearly no accidental clicks by Android™ users. , SendDroid mobile ad inventory performs better than traditional ad networks, while providing up to the minute reporting and analytics.

Developers ,

Why earn less for your precious mobile inventory? Android™ developers can earn up to 10x higher eCPM’s and advertising revenue with our SendDroid Push Ads, and best of all, our ads do not compete with the other ads that you may have installed on your Android™ app. Our developers get to control how often ads are delivered, as well as what users receive them, empowering you to monetize 100% of users rather than simply monetizing users that are active within your app. Make sense? Get started today, and earn more! You deserve it.

SendDroid has built its proprietary platform based on our team’s vast experience in mobile and performance needs in advertising and publishing.

Developer SDK

Android™ developers add our simple, lightweight and easy to install SDK in their app, which takes only minutes to complete. The SendDroid SDK client leverages the users Android™ OS’s AlarmManager to schedule and deliver our push notification ads. Our algorithms determine the optimal time to deliver ads to Android™ users, enabling extraordinary results and click through rates. Our SDK has virtually zero effect on users battery life, as it requires limited resources for its robust functionality.

SendDroid Ad Serving Technology

SendDroid has built its ad decisioning engine to deliver ads based on our proprietary algorithms that combine advertiser CPC bid, targeting, handset, carrier, and relevance. By logging CTR history, channels and device data, we optimize campaigns to drive ideal performance. SendDroid provides real-time analytics and data driven results to our app developers and mobile advertisers, enabling customer insight and precise control.

Android SDK Permissions,

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Optional Permissions


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SendDroid Mobile Adnetwork Supported Features,

    • Android
    • Alert Dialog
    • Home Screen Icon
    • Push Notification
    • Real-Time Reporting

SendDroid Official Mobile Ad Review