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Average Click Through Rate


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Marketers compilation worldwide statistic capturing the brand effectiveness of digital advertising campaign using the initial percentage of having quality ad position click through rate - CTR studying the good or bad position of an advertisement.

The Good Position of Click Through Rate - CTR,
Every online campaign manager search and ask 'What are the good positions of advertisements' SiteAdWiki Answers it always depending of the relevance consumer search specific keywords.

See the Example of Good Position of CTR - Click Through Rate,
good ctr ad position example

SiteAdWiki Suggest - The Good Quality Click Through Rate Targeting Position is depending of specific relevance search keyword and Ad Positioning.

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Based on Our Study The Ad position which targeting high average click through rate according to top photo.
Position 1: 6%+
Position 2: 4-5%
Position 3: 2-3%
Position 4: 1-2%
Position 5 and lower: 1%

Average Click Through Rate