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Adsense basic steps for 2014


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10 Basic steps before applying the Google Adsense in 2014,

 adsense basic advertising 2014

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  1. Focus on quality not quantity : Always write unique and quality content on your blog because it is loved by Google as it is going to be tracked by Google Adsense team in the second step of an approval process. It is also good that if the blog is having 40+ articles.
  2. Focus on a Good design and Navigation : Using a good theme or design with good navigation option on the website is very useful before applying for the Google Adsense. It also help the reader in navigating the whole website, and also points Home page link on every page of the website.
  3. Domain Life : Whenever you are going to register a new domain name book it for at least for 2 years because some times Google treats this corner very seriously.
  4. Traffic is more than domain Age : Yes, as I said if you are from Countries like India, Pakistan or other Asian country and getting good amount of traffic on your website or blog like 500 to 1000 visitors daily so just don’t wait for 6 months for getting approved just apply for Adsense.
  5. Some pages are must : The three pages ( “Privacy Policy” , “About” , “Contact”) must be on your website and blog, and it is accessible from every page as it makes a good sense about your website among visitor and specially for Adsense approval process.
  6. Some more thing to take care of before applying :
  7. Remove any advertiser scripts and advertising network if using onto website.(I have rejected many times for this).
  8. Do not try to get paid traffic when website is in the approval process.
  9. Do not use black hat tricks.
  10. Final Analysis : I have got rejected many times for not following these steps above, but as we all know that Google can ban your Adsense account any time without giving you the proper reason, so please never completely depends on it until becomes a premium publisher of Google Adsense account.

Adsense basic steps for 2014