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Boost Your Earnings for 2014 High Paying CPM/CPC Keywords


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What's up bloggers, ad publishers, advertisers, and ad-network companies, mostly to other related businesses group who choose online is your best priority in generating profits in the line of online advertising.

According to SiteAdWiki Study some of bloggers, ad publishers didn't know what is cpm cost, how to boost your earning in cpc cost for every click has been made, and most of all problem for bloggers is maintaining high Rpm.

In order to get high earnings and boost you revenue per impressions you need to know what are the highest paying keywords of your site niches you've maintain. Most online entrepreneurs fail of doing this important thing, its very simple but very effective, your'e target is to collect right people, person who'd interest in your unique content so that ( RTBreal time ad bidding display will sales the right Rpm for every ad displayed.

We have genuine list of High Paying long tail and short tail keywords collected this year 2014, Our company SiteAdWiki very pleasant to suggest what are the top optional ways in order to get more earning profits to our bloggers, ad publishers, content writer, and other online related entrepreneurs.

Top 10 High Paying Keywords for Adsense, , Chitika, Infolinks, It also has a possible bidding price for every click has been made, but bid cost per click is not standard rate it depends of the countries bidding cost like Brazil, United States, UK, Russia, Canada, South Africa.

1. Insurance $54.91
2. Mortgage $48.55
3. Attorney $47.07
4. Claim $45.51
5. Loans $44.28
6. Donate $43.02
7. Recovery $42.35
8. Lawyer $41.51
9. Treatment $37.18
10. Trading $33.19

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6 - 2014 - High paying long tail keywords for Adsense,, Chitika, Infolinks, with possible revenue per clicks.

1. car insurance – $36.67
2. car insurance companies – $45.52
3. online car insurance – $50.81
4. car insurance rates – $43.48
5. best car insurance – $49.36
6. car insurance Massachusetts - $30.8

2014 Top 20 most legit high paying short tail keywords

1. Law
2. Attorney
3. Donation
4. Insurance
5. Degree
6. Claim
7. Hosting
8. Trading
9. Class
10. Recovery
11. Rehab
12. Software
13. credit
14. Conference
15. Treatment
16. Transfer (In terms of money)
17. Debt
18. Finance
19. Mortgage
20. Loan

Our company SiteAdWiki Hoping that this short information will lead you to the top more incomes to come.

Boost Your Earnings for 2014 High Paying CPM/CPC Keywords