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2014 Adsense Average CPM Rate in Display | Email | Mobile | Video ADS


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Type Average CPM Verified Data Points Display Ads $2.80, Email Ads $5.00, Mobile Ads
Various Video Ads $3.00,
Reflects an estimated banner ad CPM for sent emails, This guide contains multiple data points, including averages for iOS, Android, Interstitials, and Banner Ads
In addition to the simple averages, each individual CPM rate guide contains.

Anyone monetizing a website through display ads wonders at some point how their earnings compare to their peers. Display ad earnings can be standardized through the CPM metric–or, more appropriately, revenue per thousand impressions (RPM). This figure refers to the cost to advertisers (which equates to revenue for publishers) for 1,000 ad impressions. In other words, it makes it possible to compare the earnings rates for sites regardless of audience sizes.
The higher a site’s RPM, the more money it will earn for every thousand pageviews generated.

Costume channel in every CPM Rates,

Calculating an “average” CPM (or RPM) is of course very difficult. For starters, online advertisements are of course not served exclusively on desktop computers using Internet Explorer anymore; there are multiple mediums through which Web traffic consumes content and ads.

More specifically, a growing number of ads are served on mobile devices, within online videos, and within emails. Each of these channels has a number of unique characteristics that impacts the value of the ads to advertisers (and therefore the expected revenue to the publishers.

Traditional Average CPM's Display

Though ads are served in multiple environments, the most interest exists around traditional display ads. The following section takes an in-depth look at some data points for average RPMs here.

The revenue earned and RPMs generated will depend in large part on the demographics of the audience and the focus of the site. When it comes to display advertising, not all Web traffic is created equal. Some audiences are much more attractive to advertisers than others, and some verticals can command much higher rates. The more valuable the audience (i.e., the wealthier and more likely to be making a purchase), the more a site will make per visitor.

Even among similar sites, the earnings from traditional desktop display ads depend quite a bit on the site layout; the positioning and appearance of ad units can have a major impact on clicks and earnings. (See How to Place Banners: 11 Proven Layouts.) A poorly structured site in a valuable niche could very possibly make less than an optimized site in a less valuable vertical. All this to say: figuring out an “average CPM rate” is not as simple as it seems!

2014 Adsense Average CPM Rate in Display | Email | Mobile | Video ADS