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Video Advertising of Adsense,
Average video ad cpm adsense - is totally increasing including CPM rate.
Best CPM Networks for Video Stream, Going “Viral” Rare; Paid Media Increasingly Necessary
Digital Video Advertising Best Practices
Paid Media: Video Advertising
Fewer than 1% of videos ever exceed one mill

Best CPM Networks for Video Stream,

Even getting featured on YouTube’s homepage yields fewer views than it used to, despite the site’s meteoric growth
(or perhaps because of it). Videos in the “Featured” or “Spotlight” spots on YouTube’s homepage average 86,100 views
per day that they are featured. That represents a 28.2% reduction compared to the same measurement in 2008, when
videos featured averaged 119,864 views per day.
The result is that paid media is now necessary to get videos watched, even in viral video campaigns.

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Why Real-Time Media Buying?

Pre-Roll Is Catching Up with Display in Terms of Real-Time Advertising Inventory
Available in the U.S.
While it is widely known that display volume is large due to a glut in inventory, a less known fact is that pre-roll video
advertising is steadily catching up. Aggregating across the major exchanges and sell-side platforms, from Doubleclick
(which includes YouTube pre-roll) to Liverail and beyond and controlling for inventory pushed live due to new company
partnerships, TubeMogul analyzed average growth in daily volume of ad spots available in the U.S.
Pre-roll volume grew by an average of 34.9% per month for the past three months, far outpacing display advertising’s
7.8% monthly growth rate. In November, TubeMogul saw an average of over 213 million auctions per day.
Digital Video Advertising Best Practices
Paid Media: Video Advertising
Conventional wisdom assumes that video ad exchanges are comprised primarily of low-end inventory. That assumption,
often taken for granted, is changing.
Inventory Snapshot
Running an internal analysis of inventory available for real-time media buying across a five-day sample of over 200
million streams and cross-checking against comScore’s top 100 publishers in Video Metrix, we discovered a few
interesting facts.
• 54 out of 100 companies listed in the comScore 100 have inventory available for real-time bidding on the top
exchanges and supply-side platforms.
• 29.1% of pre-roll impressions available for real-time buying are from comScore 100 publishers.
• YouTube, despite its massive reach, only accounts for slightly over one-fifth (20.0%) of comScore
100 volume. Other sources, including top media companies, constitute a majority of sites.

A Day(Part) in the Life of Digital Video Ads 15,

While CPMs for the two video lengths closely mirror each other over the course of a day, 0:30 second ads consistently
commanded a higher CPM than 0:15 second ads ($9.96 on average, compared to $9.42).Cost-per-click (CPC) is very similar for both video lengths during the main part of the day (7am-7pm). However, as the
CTR of 0:30 second ads fall in the evening, the CPC becomes more attractive for 0:15 second ads served between 8pm
and midnight.
CPMs for 0:15 and 0:30 second pre-roll ads decline slightly late at night and rebound gradually during the day. However,
the variance over the course of the day is only approximately 10% for both video lengths.
adsense video cpm ad rate

While most video ad campaigns are designed to raise awareness and persuade customers, clicks remain a key metric
for many advertisers. Whether the goal is getting people to share a link on Twitter, driving people to have a deeper
conversation on a brand’s Facebook fan page or getting viewers to take an action like filling out a product review or
actually buying a product online, a large contingent of advertisers use clicks as a barometer of specific campaign goals,
especially where survey and other metrics can fall short (i.e. measuring word-of-mouth sharing among friends).
The question then arises for these marketers: you might have reached the right viewer, but did you reach them at the
best time to drive these clicks?
For broader marketers who might not care about click-rates, another question arises: is there an “optimal time to buy” to
minimize cost per minute viewed? Is television primetime more expensive, for example?
Analyzing over 23 million pre-roll ad views in the U.S., TubeMogul utilized its real-time-buying data and campaign
statistics to take a closer look at pricing and click-through-rates by time of day. Campaigns spanned multiple industry
categories, including top brands in the consumer packaged goods, restaurant and retail industries. Both 0:15 and 0:30
second pre-roll ads were included. Every timestamp in the data was localized in order to account for the differing time
zones within the United States.

Overall, completion rates do not differ significantly throughout the day. 0:30 second ads, while mostly stable, dip in the
early morning hours and late afternoon, falling 10% by 3PM from their peak close at midnight.
Completion Rates by

Adsense Video AD CPM