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Denmark CPM TV Advertising Rate


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Denmark is a part of Northern Europe located at Southwest Sweden and Norway bordered to German country, Denmark population as of 2014 report 5,627,235, According to the Law of Danish Television Advertising Spots Rate actual cost of 2414 kr - €323 per anmum, Denmark tv ad cpm pricing rate implementation licence varies in Europe to international TV ad rate.


Country Price € per annum[4]
Albania 800 L €5.81
Austria TV – €223.32 to €279.72. Radio – €65.52 to €82.32. [5] €335.14
Belarus None exists €0
Belgium Wallonia: €149.67 for TV and €26.72 for radio. Flanders: abolished.[5] €172.39
Bosnia and Herzegovina €46.00 €46.00
Bulgaria Abolished €0
Croatia Up to €137 €137.00
Cyprus Abolished €0
Czech Republic 1620 Kč €65.94
Denmark 2414 kr €323
Estonia None exists €0
Finland Abolished[6] €0
France €131.00 €131.00
Georgia N/A €0
Germany TV & radio – €215.76. Radio only – € 69.12. €215.76
Greece €51.60 (Paid on electrical bills) €51.60
Hungary Abolished[7] €0
Iceland Abolished[8] €0
Ireland €160.00 €160.00
Israel TV: ₪345 (€76) - Radio: ₪136 (€30) €106
Italy €113.50 €113.50
Kosovo N/A €0
Latvia N/A €0
Liechtenstein None exists €0
Lithuania None exists N/A
Luxembourg None exists N/A
Republic of Macedonia MKD 2280 €37
Malta Abolished €0
Moldova N/A €0
Monaco None exists €0
Montenegro €3.50 per month €42.00
Netherlands Abolished €0
Norway 2,680.56 NOK[9] €358.05
Poland TV (inc. radio) - 199.80 zł Radio - 59.40 zł €52.57
Portugal Abolished €0
Romania 48 Romanian lei €11.27
Russia None exists €0
San Marino N/A €0
Serbia Abolished[10] €0
Slovakia €42 €42.00
Slovenia €132 TV - €153.00, Radio - €45.24
Spain None exists €0
Sweden 2076 kr €232.47
Switzerland CHF 462.40 €385.00
Turkey 2% of electricity bill and indirect charge on appliance at purchase €0
Ukraine None exists €0
United Kingdom £145.50 colour / £49.00 monochrome €170.28[

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You will be issued a Private License, which (2014 prices) costs 1218 kr valid for 6 months only.
If you only have a radio, you can get a radio license for 160 kroner valid for 6 months.
You can see the possible current prices above.
There are also licenses for business uses.
Please do not try to avoid paying for a license for watching tv in Denmark, because they do check and you will be fined heavily if you are found to be cheating.

TV in Denmark,
Media license covers your TV, computers, radios, phones and other broadcasting devices in your home, car and summer home. Using a phone or computer outside your home is also okay and is not checked, but it is legal as long as you have a license.

SiteAdWiki always Remind to users,
If you do not have a license for your TV in Denmark, you are breaking the law and you will be fined.
Save your money don't get much!
TV in Denmark stations: – DR1, DR K, DR HD, Ramasjang and DR update. These programs are mostly Danish shows, talk shows, documentaries, news and kids programs. Personally, I find little to watch or hold my interest on any of the above stations. You can learn more about each station at and

You also get access to all the radio programs in Denmark, be they run by the Danish government or independent stations. Many of the stations are now going DAB, so you won't be able to listen to them on conventional radios!

If you want other channels, like TV2 Zulu, TV2 Charlie, Discovery, BBC, etc., then you need to pay extra. You will have to buy a cable package or get satellite. All of a sudden, you are paying over 500 kroner a month for your television viewing privileges. And guess what – there are still commercials on many of the stations and the basic stations don’t often start programming until the afternoon or early evenings, and then they shut down before midnight.

You can view the days current tv in denmark programs here. You won’t get much bang for your buck in this system.

Denmark CPM TV Advertising Rate