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Rich Media Standard CPM Rates


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Advance Technology Advertising Using Rich Media platform is totally increasing the real time sales whenever using video formats,  banner formats, Advertisers choose rich media platform analytic for clicks and impressions report because of  stabilized consistently delivering average cost per click and cost per impression rates.

Rich Media Ad platform much more ctr ad engagement than the other ad platform format engagement time for floating ads is a fraction of the rate garnered by expandable ads. Moreover banners that are auto-initiated auto-expanding or auto-video play has lower average engagement times than those without auto-initiation ad techniques.

Rich Media CPM Rate Revenue innovating the ways they generate revenue for their content. To do this, they work with our team and our technology to create a seamless integration between their site and advertising models.
Rich Media CPM Rates.

A standard-size banner ad that includes an inquiry form about ISDN installation, capturing the user's filled-in personal information, and telling the user they will be contacted by a company representative - all simply by interacting with AD online publisher's Web page.

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Rich Media Mobile Advertising CPM Rates,

Standard reach mobile cpm for 1,000 users more or less about $1.25/ecpm mobile CTR is probably 10 times more relevance click than desktop ad platform using rich media video formats.
mobile rich media ad platform report

Rich Media Desktop Standard CPM Rates,

Ad format standard cpm rate for Desktop online ad platform more or less equivalent at $3.50 to $5.00 average CPM.
mobile rich media ad platform report

Rich Media Standard CPM Rates