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Standard Adult CPM/CPC/CPA Average Rate


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SiteAdWiki team found the most high paying CPM, CPC, CPA average rate supporting adult advertising network, They shows the real time bid standard tariff rate for every click, impressions, actions of publishers revenue share.

Clicksor is now most high paying CPM, CPC, rate supporting Adult sites, according to survey Clicksor pay publisher $1.00/click/1000 impressions/pop under.

The main idea in order to get high standard rate publishers must select right category of every banner ad customizing like pop under, hardcore, 300x200 amateur banner selections,including country page views is very important when you target high ad rates focus your traffic at US/UK/CA/AUS.

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Top Adult Adnetwork Compilation Publisher Payment experienced


based on experienced 60,000/pageviews / day at $27

BlackLabelAds -

based on publisher experienced +22,000 pageviews and 15 clicks = 2,5$ a day

Popcpm -

offer $3.00 cpm for every 1000 popups.

ero-advertising -

based on publisher experienced 30k to 40k per day paid only EUR 10/year.

Standard Adult CPM/CPC/CPA Average Rate