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SiteAdWiki reviews and collect best of top 100 free submitting article directories worldwide from 2014 to 2016 with high PR, high quality back-links thousands of readers and followers most of all do follow links.

UK - United Kingdom is the most requested free article submitter online just for do follow white hat SEO and other related reasons. High Page Rank Article Directories is one of the most power full techniques when you improve your SERP - Search Engine Results Page, SEO Search Engine Optimizer, The SERP results normally include a list of items with titles, a reference to the full version, and a short description showing where the keywords have matched content within the page.

Submissions of Article Directories may lead your blog and websites into popularity increasing target traffic page views more relevance quality than page views. Your site domain will more effectiveness than other site niche competitors.
top list sUBMIT article SEO directories

Top 2014 to 2016 Fresh Marketing Article Directories

We have a list of leading Article Directories with good high Google page rank, competitive alexa rank genuinely submission no spamming.
  1. Technorati blog directory site - Google Page Rank: 8  Alexa Rank: 979
  2. eHow - Google Page Rank:7   Alexa Rank: 151
  3. Ezine Articles - Google Page Rank:6    Alexa Rank: 242
  4. Articles Base - Google Page Rank:6 Alexa Rank:842
  5. - Google Page Rank:6 Alexa Rank: 80K
  6. The Free Library - Google Page Rank:7 Alexa Rank: 4.7K
  7. Associated Content - Google Page Rank:7 Alexa Rank: 1.3K
  8. Knol - Google Page Rank:7 Alexa Rank: 1
  9. - Google Page Rank:8 Alexa Rank: 69
  10. - Article Directories 2016 Alexa Rank : 69,759
  11. Squidoo - world famous Article writing platform - Google Page Rank:7 Alexa Rank: 205
  12. HubPages - Popular content wriitng hub place for writers and bloggers - Google Page Rank:6 Alexa Rank: 321
  13. - Google Page Rank:7 Alexa Rank: 815
  14. Seeking Alpha - Google Page Rank:7 Alexa Rank: 1258
  15. Suite 101 - Google Page Rank:7 Alexa Rank: 1935
  16.   (Google Page Rank:6 Alexa Rank: 2178)
  17. Bright Hub (Google Page Rank:6 Alexa Rank: 2564)
  18.  (Google Page Rank:5  Alexa Rank: 1.5K)
  19. Article Alley  (Google Page Rank:5  Alexa Rank: 4.2K
  20. IdeaMarketers (Google Page Rank:5  Alexa Rank: 4.3K)
  21. SooperArticles (Google Page Rank:5  Alexa Rank: 4.3K)
  22. Bukisa  (Google Page Rank:5  Alexa Rank: 4.3K)
  23. Self SEO  (Google Page Rank:5  Alexa Rank: 5.5K)
  24. Article Dashboard (Google Page Rank:5  Alexa Rank: 6.5K)
  25. Article City (Google Page Rank:5  Alexa Rank: 6.5K)
  26. Isnare Articles (Google Page Rank:5  Alexa Rank: 7.5K)
  27. SearchWarp (Google Page Rank:5  Alexa Rank: 10K)
  28. Article Blast (Google Page Rank:5  Alexa Rank: 10.5K)
  29. Article Trader (Google Page Rank:5  Alexa Rank: 11.3K)
  30. Article Slash (Google Page Rank:5  Alexa Rank: 12.8K)

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Publishing Best Quality Free articles directories sites to get free content for your own website

The above free article submitting directories script and text are useful not only for contributing your articles for weblog promotion but they also work as a great resource for getting free articles for your web site, ezine, blog, newsletters, or for any kinds of promotional platform. Search for the web directories to get any kind of particular articles. For those who are new to this- always remember to keep the links and writer's credits in the articles intact.

Top Ranked High PR 7 - PR 6 Web Directory and Article Active Directory Submission Site,

No Web and Article Directory Google Page Rank Submit Type
1. 7 Free Submit
2. 7 Free Submit
3. 7 Free Submit
4. 6 Free Submit
5. 6 Free Submit
6. 6 Free Submit

Top List Submit Article SEO Directories 2016