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iAd vs Adsense


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Their are many difference between Apple iAd advertising network against Adsense adnetwork.
iAd facilitates integrating advertisements into applications sold on the iOS App Store. If the user taps on an iAd banner, a full-screen advertisement appears within the application, unlike other ads that send the user into the Safari web browser. Ads are promised to be more interactive than on other advertising services, and users will able to close them at any time, returning to where they left their app.

Banner ad Desktop vs. Mobile Device
iAd vs Adsense.
iAd vs. Adsense
Apple CEO Steve Jobs indicated that Apple would retain 40% of the ad revenue, in line with what he called “industry standard”, with the other 60% going to the developers. iAd is expected to benefit free applications as well.

iAD Apple Advertising Benefits to Publisher and developers,

Apple iAd Cost - The current entry point is now 0.005% of the original price, Apple recently dropped the minimum spend to $50 and introduced self-service tools as it looks to open up the platform to a much wider base of potential advertisers, Advertisers can now spend as little as $100,000 to initiate mobile campaigns, down from a $300,000 threshold that went into effect last July. The current minimum represents just a fraction of the lofty $1 million minimum when the service launched in 2010.
iAd Apple Jobs - iAd — offering space on apps running on people's iPads and iPhones,Apple is hiring salespeople to staff its iAd offices in New York, Chicago and San Francisco. The iAd is Apple's mobile advertising platform for its iPhones and iPods.
iAd Apple Developer - Apple has announced to developers that it has increased developers' share of revenue in iAd from 60 percent to 70 percent.
Apple iAd Revenue Calculator - iphone 3gs/iPhone 4/3rd gen touch application - Revenue $0.08

Example iAd Calculation,

eCPM $6.00

Requests 32

Impressions 14

Fill Rate 43.75%

CTR 0.00%

Revenue $0.08

iAd Apple Advertising Achievement,

iAd has bulked up its executive team. And business accelerated. Net revenue hit $260 million last year, up from $38 million in 2011, and is expected to reach $487 million this year, according to eMarketer. But iAd's market share, at 2.7% of U.S. revenue, still lags behind Google, the entrenched leader, and the fast-rising Facebook.

Adsense Mobile Ad Revenue Profit,

Pay per click optimization best adnetwork is Google Adsense because it is very easy to handle. I already had different ad codes for the two existing banners – one above and one below the search results like from our Scrabble Helper. To be able to track the performance of sticky mobile ads.
Adsense mobile/tablets  - smartphones 5x best ad performance against desktop ad campaign.
Adsense best performing ad banner size is 336x280 Mobile Page CTR is up 20%, CPC is down a bit, page RPM is up 20%, as is earnings.
Adsense CTR across desktop mobile and tablets, EPC is highest on tablets.
Mobile site earning is 40% higher than desktop.

iAd vs Adsense