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Radio Advertising Costs in New York
$1,400 per 30-second advertising spot might be an average cost per spot if you bought ads on many radio stations in New York and in a smaller city like Boise, about $25 per spot. That cost estimate assumes you are buying ads for ROS (run of station), not during a particular show or during more expensive drive time slots. Obviously you wouldn’t buy just one spot.

TIP: You can reduce your media cost by running a live, announcer-read ad for 10-15 seconds. Another advantage of this approach is that you don’t have to produce a radio spot, saving you time and production money.
Like TV, radio advertising is purchased based on supply and demand. Networks sell bundles and getting ad time on shows for the most popular radio hosts may not be possible since large national advertisers tend to have "first dibs."

Costs to produce radio ads:
$15,000 - $50,000, depending on length, production quality, talents, etc. However, having your ad read live by a DJ has practically no production cost at all.

Key media terms you'll need to understand

GRPs stands for gross ratings points.

Reach x Frequency = Gross Rating Points. Gross Rating Points (GRPs) is a shorthand measure media planners use. It’s the sum of individual program ratings without regard to duplication. For example, 10 announcements each with a 10 rating would produce a total of 100 GRPs.
GRP counts the total exposures of the ad. Reach counts unique people exposed to an ad. GRP double-counts people who see ads multiple times.

Cost-per-Rating Point (CPP) is the cost of reaching one percent of the target.
Targeted CPP is the cost of reaching only the target audience, not others who are viewers/readers/listeners.
Cost Per Thousand (CPM) is the cost of reaching 1,000 homes or individuals with a specific advertising message. CPM is a standard advertising measure to compare the relative cost efficiency of different programs, stations, or media.