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AdMob is cpm and cpc mobile advertising company owned by Google which is letting developers monetize their applications by "renting" screen real-estate to display ads. AdMob is one of the world's largest mobile advertising platforms and claims to serve more than 40 billion mobile banner and text ads per month.

Mobile Admob CTR Calculation  Revenue rate.

Mobile Application Advertising is low cost rate revenue share for developers but if you focus the most high paying countries your not wasting your time your in the right job.
$0.04/1000 Adviews standard price rate
0.11 cents / 1000 Adviews premium admob cpm pay rate
$100 Minimum Spent
0.99 cents for US / iPhone users

Admob Advertisers standard CPC Rates,

50 cents per click
26,815 impressions
200 clicks
Average of 0.75%
Average CPC of $0.50
70 cents per sale
16 sales $11.20

Admob Mobile Ad Publishers CPC Rate,

Admob ad publishers has earn for every 600 times ad display in you site your possible standard cost per click is only 1 cent.

Admob Rate for Mobile App Developers ,

Using Admob to your mobile developing adnroid apps is a good choices in making money of you application. In order to increase rates of your targeting profit on your mobile apps you need to select american users, increase your mobile impression display,
Developers must don't forget the factor in that adMobs fill rate can vary from 15% to 90% as they do not currently have enough customer ads to fill all the available apps running their software to show ads.

At the lowest end (.15 eCPM and 15% fill) you would make 2 cents per 1000 impressions available and at the high end (.80 eCPM and 90% fill) you could make 72 cents per 1000 impressions - 36 times as much.

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Admob Earnings Per Impression

Mobile Admob ( CPD )Cost Per download,

United states users possible equations, for every:
3,000 app downloaded/week
$1.5 average earning profit/day
which means $0.0075/app downloaded

Mobile Admob Click Rates,

The average click rate of admob mobile adnetwork it is depend upon the countries clicking ads, The cost per click countries using admob as your mobile ads you need to target your apps/site with this following countries
Saudi Arabia
But you need to develop app in their respective languages? Or at least translations of the description on Google Play?.

Admob CPM Rates,

Possible Admob CPM Equations,
Random Countries
2,000,000 requested/day
$500 / day earnings
Which means for every thousand impressions you got $0.20 to $0.50 / eCPM.

Mobile Admob Rates