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Technology CPM Rate


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Not astonishingly, Technology cpm rate, there’s a reasonably wide selection within the CPMs that totally different publishers are earning here. however information|the info|the information} from this tool helps to convey some timely and targeted real-world data on CPMs.

We analyzed the general public knowledge on this website to feature some additional detail to the typical CPMs being seen within the market currently. Below could be a outline of the highest playing ad units for many totally different verticals. For each, 10dency to|we tend to} took the highest ten sites listed beneath the “best performing” screen and enclosed solely IAB customary units (728×90, 300×250, and 160×600) delineated as “top” (i.e., showing at the highest of the page).

Note that : these rates mirror the gross quantity charged to the publicist, and are for one above-the-fold ad unit:

Average Online Cpm for Technology

Technology Cpm Advertisers Bid,
Low Bid - $1.00
High Bid - $10.00
Average Bid Rate - $4.56

Technology CPM Rate