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Ebay is not asking cost for bid, even joining ebay is totally free. no hasle.
 ebay auction bid Online Auction Bid Rate
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Ebay is best online auction websites that accept deals bid without any payments you need its totally free to bid in any category auction. The top online auction site in the U.S. that’s free to join and free to bid. Unless you live in a cave, you’ve probably at least heard of the site. Even though it’s very popular, they are known for their high seller fees. As far as browsing for items, you can search by category or use the search box to specify exactly what you’re looking for. The advanced search options lets you add filters and add more specifications pertaining to your preferences. For instance, you can search for items within a certain price range, only search for items with free shipping, and even search for items within a particular range of any zip code. The site is broken up into four sections: single auctions, motors, stores, daily deals. There are many tips out there for buying and selling on eBay; many people even make a living by running their own eBay store.

Ebay Auction Bid