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How to make Blog On BlogSpot Domain


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How To Create A Free Blog On BlogSpot Blogging Platform?

Having a blog is a great thing as you can share anything you like, and if you are like one of those smart people you can also earn a decent income from your blog.

( Read: How much a blogger earned from his blog in a month). Here at ShoutMeLoud I have shared about many blogging platform that you can use to create a blog for yourself and one of my favorite is creating a blog on your own domain and hosting via WordPress.
We have talked a lot about self hosted domain blog and no doubt it’s a better blogging platform when we compare to free blogging platforms like and But many newbies who wants to start blogging, doesn’t want to spend initial amount to create a blog and it does make sense.
There are many blogging platform which offers user to create Free Blogs. If you are looking for free blog creation, my suggestion would be start blogging from or and once he is use to Blogging, he should go more professional with his own self hosted WordPress blog.
BlogSpot let you create a Free blog but comes with it’s own limitation, but as I mentioned above, for a starter it’s a good idea to create a Blog and get the hitch of Blogging.
This post is dedicated to those people, who want’s to start with Blogging. In this post we will be talking about how you can create a free BlogSpot blog.
Before I start with complete tutorial, few things which you should know. BlogSpot is a blogging platform by Google which give you option to start a blog, all your images will be hosted by Picasa which is again a part of Google.

Note: If your goal with blog is to make money and make it look more professional, I would recommend you to create your blog on WordPress. It’s easy and with the help of our exclusive free WordPress guide, You can create your blog in next 60 minutes.

Step by step guide to Create a free Blog on BlogSpot

To create your a free Blog site, head over to and login using your Google account. If you don’t have a Google (Gmail) account, create one for free. For the first time user, you will get an option to use your identity which you can select from your Google plus profile or use your limited BlogSpot profile. I would recommend use your Google plus profile. Once you are logged in, click on new blog or click on this link to directly go to Create a free blog.
Name Your blog
First thing which you need to do is by adding a name and selecting your domain name. I suggest go through my post on how to select a domain name. Avoid using your name as domain name and instead use some generic domain name which you can brand later on with your custom domain. You can select the blog template here ( You can change it anytime later) and click on create blog.
 create blog
Now your blog is created but you are not done yet. There are few setting which you need to do on your newly created BlogSpot blog to make it easy to use. Now you will be on the BlogSpot dashboard where you will see your blog backend and now you can go to settings and make changes to improve your blog visibility. Here is a screenshot of what you would be seeing:

 create blog
From here you can click on posts > New post and start writing your first blog post. Before you do that, I would recommend you to go to pages and create few pages like “About” which should be about you and what this blog is about. You can read my earlier guide on why you need an about page for your blog.

Most important you should change your blog template as default one is generic and boring in my opinion. Here I have compiled a list of free BlogSpot templates that you can download and install on your blog. If not, you can always go to settings> Template and make changes like add your logo to the header of BlogSpot blog, add elements you want to add and remove anything you like.
 create blog
Once you have few blog posts up and running, you can go to settings > Earnings and enable AdSense for your blog. This way you can also earn money from your free BlogSpot blog. Do read my earlier guide on how to sign up for AdSense account.
So your blog is almost ready and you can start writing posts. There are few more things you can do which I have covered in the video blog, and you will be able to learn a little more. I will be posting about that post soon, but before that go ahead and create your first free blog.
Video Tutorial to create free BlogSpot Blog:

This post is meant for every reader out here who doesn’t have a blog now and looking forward to create a free blog. Eve, I started my Blogging journey with BlogSpot and later on I moved to WordPress. If you wants to take more professional route.

How to make Blog On BlogSpot Domain