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Kiosked General Review


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KiosKed Review,

The Full General Review of Kiosked online advertising network founded in Kägelstranden 1, 02150 Esbo, Finland is now top high payer monetizing online content with rich and contextual advertising forms in london.

Publishers create incremental revenue and advertisers drive sales, worlds leading in-content advertising platform Kiosked is the world’s leading in-content advertising platform. We are re-inventing display advertising by enabling premium programmatic advertising.
kiosked review.

Kiosked Adnetwork Description,

Kiosked does this through unique in-content placements that have extremely high viewability using contextual and behavioral targeting. Kiosked has been selected as one of the world’s best technology companies.

Our proprietary platform makes it possible for advertisers to maximize the performance of their online ad campaigns and at the same time it creates an incremental revenue source for the publishers.

Kiosked Publishers Benefits, Join

  • Enrich and Monetize your content
  • Engage your readers with smart content
  • Easy to use and highly scalable
  • Autoscript and automatic matching
  • Share and earn
  • Mobile SDK
  • Javascript SDK
  • API

Most Suitable Site Niche Category of are:

  1. Sports
  2. Celebrity
  3. Movie
  4. TV Shows
  5. News
  6. Fashion
  7. Games
They for ad publisher partner into high reasonable rate,  Like CPM rate from $0.80 - $4.00, CPC rate from $0.20 - $6.00 per click, Not only Kiosked adnetwork pay by CPM and CPC, They also pay CPH - Cost per Hour.

Kiosked Monetizing Publisher & Advertisers Rate,

Conversation rate from 80% to 200% higher than for traditional served rich media ads, This type of Adnetwork is an Interactive Image Discovery - IID Considering how important images are to the modern web experience, it is logical that Stipple, Luminate, and thinglink have emerged to offers tools that help contextualize these fundamental building blocks.

Top Interactive Image Adnetworks Alternative :

Kiosked , Luminate, Stipple, Thinglink.

Kiosked Advertisers Benefits,  Advertise today!!!

Reach Consumers in Right Context

Engage and sell to your customers with highly contextual display and product ads. Our user interfaces are optimized for any device and media and the information updating is automated through utilizing your web store's real-time data feeds.

Kiosked Advertisers Digital Rich Media Platform,

  1. Display Ad
  2. Rich Ad
  3. Video Ad
  4. Medrec Ad
  5. In - Image
  6. In - Video
  7. In - Line
  8. In - Screen
Every point of engagement and interaction is customizable and measurable.
Our service is highly scalable. From our dashboard it's easy to manage and track everything from one place.

Kiosked General Review