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Android Optimizers allows you to boost your Android smartphone & tablet performance speed.
They are termed as Memory Boosters too. Right now there are a lot of android optimizers available on Google Play Store. In this post I am going to introduce you to Best Free 20+1 Android Optimizers, which will make your phone/tablet much faster and will increase your battery life too.

Best Free Android Optimizers Killing in the Market:

There are basically many Android optimizers but I found out some of the best optimzer for any Android device. This Optimizers are one of the best and absolutely free to use.

  1. Memory Optimizer FREE
Memory Optimizer is a free to use android optimizer which will boost your phone like never before. It is developed by HALO Electronics. Below are its features.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Detailed display on your device status.
  • 1 touch memory booster with LIVE statics chart view.
  • Erase internet search history while optimizing.
  • Reduces start up times.
  • No Advertisements during Report.
  • More features – disk defragmentation, RAM free up, clear temporary files, clear memory caches, and kill unwanted tasks.

  1. Memory Booster – RAM Optimizer
As name suggests that it is a memory and RAM optimizer. Memory Booster is made to increase the system speed of device by resolving memory issue.
  • Real-time RAM usage.
  • Task Killer.
  • Cache Cleaner.
  • Garbage Collector.
  • One click Quick Boost.
  • Auto Boost on Device Lock.
  • Available in 15+ languages.
  • More features – System info, Whitelist/Ignore list, Auto Boost Interval, Auto Boost Threshold, and Boost Level Manager.

  1. DU Speed Booster (Optimizer)
DU Speed Booster is an android optimizer with FREE built-in antivirus security feature. It can increase the speed of your phone by 60%, increase storage of your SD card too.
  • Smart Cleaner – Pre-set automatic cleanup of unwanted processes and trash.
  • Security Optimizer
  • Game Booster
  • Trash Cleaner – Single Tap
  • Advanced Apps Manager
  • DU Security – Antivirus scanner, permission manager

  1. Clean Master Phone Boost
This optimizer is world’s most downloaded optimizer. This app is very simple, fast and accurate which is made to enhance the speed and memory of your android device.

  • Junk File Cleaner
  • CPU Boost
  • Antivirus
  • Device Cooler
  • Memory Boost
  • Apps Manager
  • Available in more than 20 languages

  1. Mirocsoft Total Defrag
Mirocsoft is an optimizer which is known for its features. This optimizer offers a hell lot of features and they are easy to use too. This app which Clears history searches, kills excess tasks increasing battery life.
  • Defrag (Doesn’t defrag flash memory)
  • Delete Corrupted Files
  • Clear Cache Memory
  • Report Used Memory, Free Memory, Repaired Files and Memory Uage PIE chart
  • Select either Phone Memory or SD Card to defrag
  • Beautiful User Interface

  1. Ancleaner, Cleaner Android
Ancleaner is new cleaner and optimizer which is added to Google Play Store. This optimizer and cleaner app is added on 6th September 2014 in Google Play Store list and from that it is downloaded more than 50000 times.
  • Release Memory
  • Reorder RAM
  • Optimize Cache
  • Clean Garbage Independently
  • Defrag SD Card

  1. Cleaner – Master Speed Booster
Cleaner Master Speed Booster is a free android optimizer which is also known as“EXTREMELY EASY” Android Booster. This optimizer is also known as 7 in 1 Toolkit app, because it offers 7 great features.
  • Memory Cleaner (Task Killer)
  • Game Speed Booster
  • Cache Clean (Junk Cleaner)
  • Search History Cleaner
  • Call and SMS History Cleaner
  • Game Booster Widget – Home Screen
  • Application Uninstaller

  1. Booster for Android – FREE
NQ Booster is another name of this app. This optimizer is top-rated mobile phone optimization app that helps millions of users speed up their Android phones.
  • Battery Manager
  • Phone Optimization – Memory Hogging, One Click Optimization To Boost Speed, Boost RAM, Kill Tasks
  • File Manager
  • Network Manager
  • App Manager – Monitor all running apps
  • Virus Scanner
  • Privacy Protector

  1. Advanced Task Manager – Killer
Developed by INFOLIFE LLC. More than 3 Lakh downloads. Recommended by 81000+ users. Still you want more info? This is one of the best android speed booster I had ever used.
  • App or game killer
  • Antivirus – Virus Scan (Trustlook Supported)
  • Startup Kill
  • Kill GPS: Kill apps to stop GPS
  • Memory Booster, RAM Booster
  • Memory Cleaner, RAM Cleaner
  • Permission manager add-on for Android 4.3 (App Ops)
  • Quick uninstaller

  1. The Cleaner – Speed up & Clean
The Cleaner is a FREE app designed to help you clear up redundant or malicious apps and files, free up storage space, clean up your RAM, and speed up your Android device.
  • Memory Boost
  • Free Up Storage
  • Control Privacy
  • Smart App Manager
  • Tidy Your SMS – It helps you to get rid of long inconvenient list of send and received SMS records
  • Widgets – Home screen widgets for one click optimization
  • Schedule Maintenance
  • Themes

  1. 360 Clean Droid
360 Clean Droid – Easy, Safe and Powerful. 360 Clean Droid is the most professional Android optimizer.
  • Millisecond Boosting Technology
  • Advanced Trash Cleanup
  • Thoughtful Privacy Cleanup

  1. AVG Cleaner – Memory & Storage
AVG Cleaner works automatically and runs routine memory cleaning so you don’t have to open this app every time and click on boosting to boost your phone.
  • Reduce data usage
  • Clear Junk, Cache, Unwanted Apps
  • Extend Battery Life
  • Battery Profiles – Choose between “Home,” “Office” and “Car” modes
  • Clear Phone calls log
  • View and receive alerts about rarely used apps by time of last use
  • View and remove apps by size , battery consumption or mobile data usage

  1. Fast Clean – Speed Up&Boost
Oldest optimizer of this list. This app is introduced in 2010, and since then it is one of the most trusted and downloaded optimizer for android smartphones and tablets.
  • Compact and Convenient
  • Clean Junk Database
  • Speed Up device up to 70%
  • Privacy Protection
  • SMS Protection
  • Advanced Cleaner
  • Software Manager
  • Daily Cleaning Option

  1. CCleaner
Ccleaner is one the most downloaded optimizer for windows pc and laptops. I too use this tool in my windows 8 desktop and it helps me to increase the copying speed and working speed. This app is also available for android devices.
  • Optimize and Clean Junk
  • Delete call logs and SMS messages individual
  • Free up valuable storage space
  • Quickly uninstall multiple unwanted applications
  • Clean application cache, download folders, browser history, clipboard content and more
  • Totally free from Ads and clutter
  • Monitor your System
  • Check out your battery levels and temperature
  • Check the usage of your CPU

  1. Smart Booster – Free Cleaner
Previous known by name “Smart RAM Booster”. Loaded with very useful features and with root access. Best thing is that it gives you a tab on your screen which makes your device speed up.
  • Smart RAM Booster – Aggressive, Strong, Medium and Gentle Modes
  • Fast Cache Cleaner
  • Quick SD Card Cleaner
  • Advanced Apps Manager
  • Disable system apps
  • Scan auto-start apps
  • Manage backup (.apk) files
  • Photo cleaner, Music cleaner

  1. Memory Booster – Optimize RAM
This is a powerful RAM & Cache boosting app designed for Android devices.
  • Auto Boost – Allows Memory Booster to run in the background
  • Automatically reclaims memory for your Android at interval
  • Receive notifications ones your phone runs out of memory.
  • Kill Programs
  • Optimize RAM
  • Beautiful User Interface
  • Automatic Features
  • SD Card Cleaning

  1. Smart Memory Booster
Smart Memory Booster – Speed up your devices as well as prevent battery drain.
  • Auto smart boost.
  • Floating widget.
  • Home screen widget – Add a widget from home screen.
  • Notification – One tap to boost.
  • Boost Now button – Tap this button from app’s main screen.
  • Ignored apps – Apps will not be stopped when boosting.
  • Report style – Define how to show reports.

  1. Speed Booster + Memory Cleaner
  • Clean the wasted system resources
  • Free up CPU, Processor, RAM
  • Auto Speed Boost Mode
  • Compact and Convenient
  • Clean Junk Database
  • Speed Up device up to 70%
  • Task Killer.
  • Cache Cleaner.
  • Garbage Collector.
  • One click Quick Boost.

  1. Memory Cleaner & Speed Booster
This app has a task manager for manual fine tuning to kill any particular task hogging the system resources.
  • Cleans/Kills these unwanted background apps
  • Boosts system CPU / processor and Ram / Memory performance
  • Dashboard displays current free resources like CPU/processor & RAM/memory
  • Loads automatically on system restart
  • Improves System Speed
  • Improves Battery Life.

  1. Super Optimize:
Super Optimize is awesome app I ever used.
  • Battery Management – Extend battery life by switching off components.
  • System Management – Remove temporary files and terminate apps and processes you don’t need.
  • Put your phone into “Eco mode” with one tap.
  • Uninstall apps effortlessly.
  • History management -Clear your call history, message drafts, email search history and more.
  • Transfer apps to and from the SD card.
  • Manage volume and brightness settings in a simple interface.

  1. All-In-One Toolbox (29 Tools)
The best Android cleaner & memory booster All-In-One Toolbox, equipped with 29 Android system tools.
  • Simple and Clear User Interface Design.
  • 29 tools into one pack to speed up system and extend battery life.
  • 31 supported languages.
  • Clean out junk files.
  • Speedup system performance.
  • Privacy protection.
  • APP and File management.
  • Delete SMS & Call logs.
  • Erase browsing history.
  • One-tap boost.
  • App locker.
  • Batch installer/uninstaller.
  • Zip and unzip.
  • Game Booster – Boost games to give you more fun.
  • Android sensor box – Show you all available sensors on your Android.
  • QR and Barcode Scanner – Quick scanning and info collecting.

So these were the Top 20+1 Best Free Android Optimizers. All these optimizers are top rated and recommended by many users. There are a lot more apps available over the internet and Google Play Store, but according to ratings and my experience, these were the best. I hope this article will be useful to you and you have got what you are searching for. Please let me know your views on it via comments.