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YouTube Alternative : BrightRoll Monetize Video


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BrightRoll - a CPC, CPM, CPV video advertising monetizing platform that manages and planning, targeting, optimizing reporting analysis on digital video ad campaigns. Reach your target audiences that relevances to your brand or products.

brightroll adsense alternative.

BrightRoll acquisition will boost display revenues and target video high monetizing rates into different country. Additionally, continue to closely monitor the search and display ads divisions for the growth in revenues from the mobile segment as the BrightRoll video advertising platform continues to push for more services in this domain.

The BrightRoll acquired for $640 million in cash quarter for the additional product refreshes to continue core ads business. The company has launched a new ad format video ads platform to get high monetization rates in the publishing industry.

BrightRoll serves advertisers and publishers best video ad alternative platform and reached up to 10 billion impressions per month. Though, working with the company may be out of reach for most premium publishers as partners, With the highest entry requirement of 5 million video views per month or 3 million mobile site views.

Sites that choose to use BrightRoll must also have their own video player to serve video ads.

If you’re a company that offers video content and utilizes your own video player technology, BrightRoll is a great option. The company also offers video for apps and mobile sites if you can meet the 3 million a month view requirements.

Model: CPM
Reporting: Real-time
Video Availability: Worldwide
Payout: N/A
Payment Method: N/A
Traffic Minimum: 5 million video views / 3 million app or mobile site views

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YouTube Alternative: BrightRoll Monetize your original video earn much higher than YouTube with high CPC, CPV, CPM rate.

BrightRoll dominates the online video ad market, As the above chart shows, BrightRoll and Specific Media are the top players in the online video ad market.

BrightRoll’s programmatic video platform and publisher relationships. It will bring substantial value to advertisers on both platforms.

BrightRoll is the industry’s leading programmatic video advertising platform. It reaches audiences across desktop, mobile, and connected TV.

YouTube Alternative : BrightRoll Monetize Video