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Google Adsense Account Approval Trick 2015


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Thousands of reviews on how to get Google Adsense approval in 1 minute. One of the most tested blogger approval tricks in all over million article publisher to give the trick to low traffic website.

Today I will share Google Adsense account approval trick started from 2015 until today. This kind of tricks totally friendly to all low traffic websites.

Things you should know that being any genre named as a blogger is not simple. You need to bleed your time, spend money, idea's, passion, determination, and patience in order to survive in the blogging industry.

Step 1:
You need to create Youtube account Follow this steps: Latest 2014 Google Adsense Easily Approved In 2 Hours.

It's really easy to get approved by Google Adsense through YouTube, with this video hosting company you can earn money and get paid through uploaded videos you owned. There thousands of reviews in online search, but there are hundreds of effective tips to get highest paid in YouTube.

But the difficulty arises when we are trying to add a blog spot blog to that AdSense account because it doesn't support non-hosted website domain since is a free domain name provided
by Blogger owned by Google, so it is not supported by AdSense account created through YouTube.

However, we can add a Blogspot blog by tweaking the process little bit.

Follow my previous article on creating an AdSense account on YouTube and then come to this tutorial to add a Blogspot blog to that AdSense account and finally display the Ads on your site.

So without discussing further, I want to proceed to the process of implementation.

Follow the following steps

1) Create a YouTube AdSense account, you can follow this tutorial
How to approved by Google AdSense in no time
2) Now Sign in to your AdSense account.
3) Go to Account Settings
4) Scroll down to the bottom to get the email invitation field like this

5) Now enter the email address associated with your Blogspot blog or blogger account email ID
6) Click on Invite
7) Now sign in to the email associated with the Blogspot blog that you have entered in step 4, and accept the invitation.
8) After accepting the invitation you will be able to sign in to the AdSense account created through YouTube with your blogger account email

9) Now go to your blogger account and click on Earnings tab and click on View Dashboard link to confirm your new AdSense account and finally place the Ad codes to display the ads on your blog.

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Google Adsense Account Approval Trick 2015