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Best advertising reviews, and different guides to get started on how to manage ads to our valued newest and professional campaign brand advertisers, monetizers, publishers. Best way to target exact audience to increase the effective highest ROI for your budget investment average cpm, cpc, cpv, cpi cost rates per country.
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Propeller Ads Review. One of the best alternative advertising adnetwork is Propeller ads paying high competitive CPM rate revenue for Publishers by country. Highest payment poppunder ads proof offered into native direct ads, the leading web desktop and mobile platform advertising network that you to next generation of digital advertising aside from typical monetize earning, you can earn money based on referral program by different types of mobile ads, display ads, popUp ads, direct links, and wallerpaper ads.

Let's talk about the performance of Propeller Ads CPM model advertising rate to your mobile and desktop platform. The latest ad reviews, publishers must provide traffic from premium high CPM rate countries like (US)the United States, (CA)Canada, (UK)the United Kingdom, (AU)Australia, Albania, Algeria, Uganda.

 One of the best alternatives to active bloggers and commercial site owner, the publisher must better create effective articles, videos, and other related reviews increase traffic to engage readers and viewers high conversation rate and highest ads earning.

Propellers ad Publishers global monetize average CPM rate start $0.30/1000 ad impression plus conversation rate is important to increase revenue. High traffic websites with out ads engagement conversation results in low CPM monetize rate must be expected  $0.10/1000 ads impression. Qualified high paying niche keywords are gaming, movies, entertainment, music, viral and downloads are search keywords most high paying CPM based pop-under ads rate.

Propeller ads advantage for publishers you can monetize your 404 pages with an on the spot ad — while not pain user expertise. consistent with propellor Ads, it works best on a downloads web site (ebooks, music, apps, wallpapers, movies.)

  • Most Propeller  clickable and high conversation rate for mobile platform ads banner sizes is (300x250)
  • Highest engagement active banner ads effectiveness and high conversation rate for Desktop platform onclick ads (US) pop under ads audience CPM rate.
  • Propeller wallerpaper ads is the latest platform ads specs performing high engagement.

Propeller Ads High CPC Rate By Country

Target your site content audience traffic to this country, which is high paying premium to monetize revenue rate based on CPM, CPC.

- France
- Canada
- Europe
- UK
- Australia

How does Propeller Ads pay their publishers? The payment model based on advertisers is based on (CPM, CPA/CPL or CPC) publisher must be expected to receive payment monetize revenue at 80% profit of all ads displayed on your website or mobile application. CPA, CPC and CPM – What does it all mean?

Let’s start by understanding the different payment models used for our adverts. We provide advertisers with a number of different payment model for their ads, these include:

CPA (Cost per action) – Works off what the advertiser is willing to pay per action. An action can be anything from a sale, newsletter opt-in, impression, click or contact request. For example, if an advertiser wishes to pay $2 each time someone opts-in to their newsletter via their advert, the cost per action is $2.

CPC (Cost per click) – Is a pricing model where the advertiser pays for each click their advert receives. The advertiser sets the maximum bid they are willing to pay per click, each time an ad is clicked they are charged. For example, if they have set their CPC to $0.1, they will be charged $0.1 each time someone clicks their advert.

CPM (Cost per thousand impressions, “mile”) – Is a common pricing model used by our clients. An advertiser pays a fixed amount per every 1000 impressions severed of their ad. An impression is anytime the ad is viewed.

Effective cost per mille (eCPM) – Also referred to as ‘effective cost per thousand’, eCPM is the amount you will earn as a publisher per 1000 impressions of our ad units. eCPM combines all payment models together, regardless of the actual pricing model used by the advertiser (CPA, CPM, etc), providing you with an optimized average per 1000 impressions.

How eCPM for publishers is calculated

The maths behind eCPM is very easy.
Let’s take the following example, a website receives 200,000 impressions per month and has three Propeller Ads' ad units strategically placed on their website. During the last 30 days, the website generated $1,000 in revenue using Propeller Ads.

The maths:

In the calculation above, for every 1,000 impressions the website received, it earned $5 in revenue (eCPM rate = 5 USD). This is worked out by dividing the total revenue amount against the total number of website impressions. 
eCPM reveals how much revenue your website is generating per 1,000 impressions combing all advertisers’ campaigns together.

How our eCPM optimization algorithm works

The example above is exactly that – an example. The amount your website earns per 1,000 impressions will vary depending on a number of factors. Propeller Ads’s optimization algorithm takes a few days (longer for sites with low traffic) to optimize your ad units to provide you with the highest possible eCPM rates.

It will test various campaigns and analyze which ads are best suited for your audience. This is to provide each publisher with the greatest results while still maintaining an awesome experience for viewers.

The more traffic your website brings the quicker the optimization process is completed. It may take a week before you see the maximum effect of our fully optimized eCPM rates.


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Propeller Ads CPM Rate