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Average Cost of Email Marketing Campaign


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Brand Owners, email marketing one of the great most marketing effective tools for beginner and geeks, but this is not easy as you think if don't seem wise to optimise your ads campaigns to be successful marketers.

Email Marketing campaign is great option to build trust based on online/internet business to get revenue, But average cost investment is truly highest among others campaign strategies.

In fact! email marketing top 8 out of 14 campaigns most expensive average acquisition cost investment in terms of business 2 business channel, including mobile sms and direct mail.

The email marketing research metrics, 80% of people who click on a link sent via email, and 60% percent of people who ask for unsubscribe after receiving email, and 70% average percentage of people open their email.

Email Marketing Campaign Average Calculation Cost and ROI - Return on Investments

Metric Comparison  Direct Mail Campaign Mobile SMS Campaign Email Marketing

Marketing Stratt Investment  $2,500.00 $2,500.00 $2,500.00
No. of qualified leads 200 170 150
Cost for each leads $19.00 $25.00 $30.00
No. of fresh customers 100 80 60
Sales deal closing rate 55% 70% 65%
Sales cycle times 50days 8days 15days
Average sales for each customer $38.00 $53.125 $75.00

Total sales in one quarter $3,800.00 $4,250.00 $4,500.00

The average cost represented above is estimated only, table stated that email marketing campaign most expensive cost per leads, but and compensate the rise average sales for each customers.

5 Proven Things your email marketing business will work in successful way

- Know your audience target - It's like, you're aiming your target while you are blind fold.

- Enhancement of your subject title line - Your subject line must be short but attractive to the readers.

- Straight to the point line sentences - Better use 1 - 3 sentences, brief your words and make it simple.

- Personalized it, tell your exact points, name, locations, and benefits.

- Make some test, A/B, analyze where is most effective ones the A or B message line.

7 Ways to avoid using this strategies in email marketing campaign

- You Don’t Spend Much Time in Writing Subject Lines

- You Don’t Segment Your Email List Effectively

- You’re Not Offering Value

- Your Campaign Goals Are Not Defined

- Your Emails Are Too Long

- You’re Sending Emails at the Wrong Time

- Under-budgeting


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Average Cost of Email Marketing Campaign