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Learn here at "Site Ad Wiki" on how to calculate the mobile ad revenue in auto calculator form tools of placeplay.
One of the most frequent questions we receive from iOS & Android app developers is: “How much revenue can I make from mobile advertising?” Unfortunately, this is a virtually impossible question to answer given the number of variables that determine eCPM.

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In order to help app developers obtain a high level of understanding on what their revenue opportunity is with mobile advertising, we are providing a very simple calculator to help app developers estimate their revenue. The mobile advertising calculator is available below, or here.

Some notes on the mobile advertising calculator:

We have included options for both banner and interstitial advertising.
Banner advertising is the default – simply select “Show Default Interstitial Ad Results” for interstitials
Average “Daily User Sessions” is available from your analytics service like Flurry or Apsalar – this is the single biggest driver, NOT app downloads
Average minutes per session is also available from your analytics provider – and helps to determine approximately how many mobile advertising impressions your iOS or Android app will show
Ad impressions per minute defaults to the known best practice – this is what you should be doing in your app(s)

Fill rate is an estimate,

Please enter your actual fill rate from the mobile ad networks you utilize
eCPM is again an estimate,
we recommend estimating this between $.50 – $2.00 to get a good estimate
If you have any questions about the calculator or feedback, please do not hesitate to let us know.
We hope this helps!

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