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Pandora Advertising CPM Rate


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Pandora Media radio cost to advertise based on advertising prices CPM rates and subscription fees must expect to start $5 - $20. One of the most popular internet radio stations network in the world located in U.S - United State territory is Pandora internet radio streaming music network.

How much does it cost to advertise on Pandora?

The only internet radio station, accepting to brand owners or advertisers into lowest rate commercial budget 15 - 30-second airtime spot ad cost pricing per CPM or flat rate bid.  According to their following media kit (CPM) average calculation rate starts $5 - $20 depending on brand campaign.

Top Most Popular Pandora Stations in Different State in U.S.

List of Pandora radio stations by state headquartered in different part of United State today. Feel free to listen music based on exercising or by running and maybe free time.

New York City
Los Angeles

Pandora is free internet radio in USA,

The effectiveness of radio advertising reviews, pricing rate card (CPM) Internet radio advertising. Radio ads streaming, and in-stream audio advertising. An example of average radio CPM based on Geo-targeted media advertising. thumbnail

Personalized current average radio spot that plays music you'll love. Discover new music and enjoy old favorites. Start with your favorite artist, song or composer and Pandora will create a custom station that plays similar tracks offline and online subscription.

Pandora cost premium targeting CPM rate:

The minimum tariff calculation price spot cost of $20/ CPM Geo media subscription based. The latest Pandora radio prices start at $3.99 per month and you will save $11.88 if you will choose yearly subscription for only $36.00.

Advanced Sections + (Demo and A-Geo)
Behavioral + A-Geo
Demographic + A-Geo
Job Title + A-Geo
Pandora RON + Geo
Premium Sections: Auto, Lifestyles, Real Estate, Travel + (Demo and A-Geo)

Different Types of Pandora Cost Advertising Tariff,

Choosing Pandora campaign as your partner of your marketing strategy to get potential costumers or consumers is the best path to your success and even small business can afford Pandora advertising cost.

6 Advantage Reason why advertising on Pandora is high ROI,

  • Target by narrow Geographic Region - Advertisers can easily customize their campaign/ by targeting countries, zipcode, or any relevance of your campaign.

  • Target by Age - Advertiser's message campaign can be delivered only the listeners you select.

  • Target by lifestyles / listening habits - You can target specific music. Want people with more disposable income? Target classical music or jazz. Want young adults? Target rock or urban music.

  • Your message can not be turned off - With traditional radio, people can tune out during the commercial or change channels. With Pandora cost Advertising they can not skip the commercial.

  • Your message stands alone - With traditional radio, sometimes commercial breaks are up to six minutes long. If your commercial is at the end of the break, your potential customer has little involvement. With Pandora, there is one commercial at a time and only four an hour.

  • The Costs is Reasonable - Most people can advertise on Pandora Radio for less than a traditional media buy on local radio station.

According to Pandora,

Pandora says it’s previous 30-day active listeners had increased to 49 million in February versus 47 million in January, and that it had 150 million registered users as of January
TargetSpot shared data that showed that 42% of the U.S. population is listening to digital audio
Triton Media Group said monthly current Internet radio cpm rate for those online listeners would grow from 116 million in 2011 to 186.3 million by 2015.

Pandora subscription-based ad-free internet radio launched it's $9.99-a-month for the premium offering, to level the Spotify Premium based ad and’s Apple’s individual premium service both cost $9.99 a month months ago.

The latest report, on how much does it cost to advertise on Pandora radio ad pricing charges offered new version cheap rate of its ad-free internet radio services, that simply allowing listener's and subscribers to replay songs, skip more, and listen offline for only $4.99 monthly price.

Pandora Radio Mobile Ad Monetization,

Mobile Pandora Radio AD Targeting is not really strict to any users commonly they use user login, collect demographic locations, zip codes it's also reaching the cookie-less mobile audience.

Pandora Internet radio streaming created a proprietary Gradle Android plug-in to help its specializes programmer to control communication formats and a compatible piece of software named as Schema Registry API.

Pandora targeting real-time pipeline architectural oriented log collection system, to get estimated 80% out of $1.4 billion last year advertisement cost revenue. Pandora mobile advertising is known as the leader in generating radio ads from local and international streaming music industry.

List of Biggest Pandora Advertisers,

The list of biggest Pandora advertisers, currently serving major sponsored native clients on Uuniversal Windows App ( Windows 10 mobile, Windows 10), Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Xbox One. A big reason of Pandora advertising (ad) revenue shares increase into $1.38 billion in last quarter of 2016.

Regular cost to advertise internet radio streaming station,

How much do radio stations charge for advertising reviews, pricing rate card packages on internet radio streaming cost to advertise? Apparently, Pandora radio ad prices for media kit internet radio music streaming network, drops into cheapest subscriber cost rate starts from $3.99 per month with a new latest package deal $36.00 for yearly subscription pricing tariff, a chance to save $11.88 for every premium subscribers.

Pandora Mobile Advertisers Balancing to Mobile Radio Listener,

Typically advertise on Pandora shows seven display ads per listener hour and runs 2.5 audio ads (of 15- or 30 seconds) per hour. Users might also see a video ad. Visual ads, on a CPM basis, sell for $5-$7; audio ads, $8-$12; and video ads, $15-$25. The sell-through rate -- the proportion of premium advertising sold directly by Pandora -- is higher on the desktop than mobile.

In mobile, which makes up 81% of Pandora’s inventory, CPMs are now in the low $30 range compared to the low $20 range a year ago, due to higher sell-through. Ads on the desktop command a $60 CPM because that remaining 19% of inventory is effectively sold out, Paschel said. While the ad load has grown in recent years, he argued that the company doesn’t need to increase the load to boost ad revenue so much as to continue to improve sell-through.

How to Advertise in the Pandora App?

Pandora offers listeners a free Internet radio service they can customize to fit their music preferences. Pandora is available as web-based radio station and also offered $4.99 - $9.99 mobile app cost on smartphones such as Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm Pre and Windows Mobile.

As of April 2011, Pandora had at least 90 million registered users, who spend at least two hours listening per day. The top five genres their listeners enjoy are R&B, rap, rock, love, and electronica. The strength of Pandora app users makes it an attractive advertising opportunity for businesses.

Step 1
Visit Pandora's website and click the "Advertising" link at the bottom of the page. Fill out the "Advertising Inquiries" form, and a representative will contact you via email. You can also contact a Pandora representative directly, by phone. For either option, you select, ask for an advertising kit you can review with your marketing team.

Step 2
Review Pandora's advertising kit to determine what type of advertisements you can run on the Pandora app. You can select a mobile banner, which appears at the bottom of the "now-playing" screen. Listeners can see and hear a message from you, and click the advertising banner for additional information. Pandora's other app advertising option is a clickable "in-stream audio ad," which plays for 15 seconds between songs.

Step 3
Review Pandora's demographic information, which describes the age, gender, ethnic background, occupation, education and income of its listeners. Determine if the demographic matches yours, and what portion, so you can tell a Pandora ad representative who should see your app advertisement.

Step 4
Contact a Pandora advertising representative by phone or email to set up your advertisement. The advertising rep will find out which segment of Pandora's market you want to run your ad to and how many people you want to reach.

Step 5
Select your segment based on your knowledge of your company's target market. You can target your ad by age, gender, location and music genre.

Step 6
Determine the time frame you want your advertisement to run, then finalize your advertising contract and payment agreement. Pandora radio will provide full reporting, including tracking and your return on investment for each ad placement you run with the company.

Pandora’s Auto Industry Push

The servicing of Pandora is now wired into some 100 different car models in the U.S. or roughly a third of all models. “ Pandora pleased with the amount of adoption we see there," Noting that many automakers are highlighting Pandora as a feature in their advertising that includes Honda’s holiday-season TV spots.

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Pandora Advertising CPM Rate