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Ebook Plus: Is the first worlds  Advertisement inside Ebooks platform,It Contains platform dynamic Place a Free AD Posting Online.

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The publishing market is being revolutionized, with U.S. eBook sales revenues having overtaken hardcover sales.

Recently, The Amazon CEO
Reported that 2012 eBooks sales increased 70% compared to 2011, with eBooks representing a multi-billion dollar category.
Unfortunately, there has arisen a large group of consumers seeking pirated versions of eBooks.
In response, eBookPlus.com has been launched to help improve the system of reading eBook releases.

The predominant eBook business model has been online sales in which the reader pays a fixed price and obtains the right to download the eBook. A significant group of people is prepared to pay for eBooks, but there is a much larger group who are simply not prepared to pay for a digital file, protected by DRM, which they cannot resell, exchange or even lend.

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Such readers prefer to spend time searching the Internet to find a pirate version of an eBook.
eBookPlus.com, a platform that connects readers, authors, publishers and advertisers, corrects this problem by allowing readers to read eBooks for free, legally while providing advertising opportunities for businesses.

eBookPlus was created upon the realization that free eBooks were 100 times more accessed than eBooks that cost 99 cents. The calculation for authors is simple: if authors today get 30 cents by selling their eBooks for 99 cents, they will get 30 dollars if they sell 100 copies. If free eBooks are up to 100 times more accessed and if authors are to get an average of 3 cents per chapter in an eBook containing 10 chapters, authors would get the same 30 cents by having their eBook on eBookPlus.

For authors who sell 100 copies for 99 cents, the same titles will have at least 10,000 accesses for free once the free eBook is accessed 100 times more. As such, eBookPlus will prove a great marketing tool for indie authors and for publishers who have not yet developed sales in eBook format from their catalogues.

For advertisers, eBookPlus is an excellent channel to advertise products or services compared to other means such as videos, sites, social networks and even radio and TV. eBook ads are more efficient because readers are more focused when they are reading than when they are exposed to other visual media.

Offers any company the opportunity to create publicity to place in an eBook, whether it is a video, an image or a HTML page.
The advertising is unobtrusive,
Placed only at the beginning of each chapter, volume or part of a particular title. This advertising is presented to readers for a few seconds, after which they can read the eBook normally without interruption during the whole of the chapter.

Is only debited to the advertiser’s account and credited to the author/publisher when the ad is seen. The majority of funds raised go directly to the author or publisher.
eBookPlus has a launching offer where advertisers only pay by visualizations and are not charged for clicks.

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