Adsense High CPC Rate Ad Networks

List of genuine more or less 250 high CPC Adsense Ad Networks high CPC, RPM and CPM rate.

1 Hearst Digital Media $10.80
2 InPowered $10.19
3 Kapanlagi $10.13
4 $10.11
5 Open Inventory $9.24
6 WebAds $8.71
7 Madhouse Mobile $8.12
8 CPX Interactive $7.75
9 Guru Media $7.41
10 Advertising Alliance $6.59
11 Compare Group $6.33
12 transcosmos $6.09
13 eHealthcare Solutions $6.06
14 KPI Solutions $5.70
15 ScaleOut $5.65
16 Bannerconnect $5.43
17 Independent Traveler $5.40
18 Quantcast $5.29
19 MediaScience $5.17
20 AdKnowledge $5.11
21 Barons Media $4.91
22 Specific Media $4.81
23 InterCLICK $4.73
24 Dun & Bradstreet $4.70
25 Advantage Media $4.45
26 Bridge Marketing $4.41
27 Belgacom $4.39
28 Connexity $4.32
29 HealthiNation $4.30
30 Advertising Technologies $4.28
31 remerge $4.19
32 Media Decision $4.17
33 Performance Advertising $4.04
34 AdGear $3.93
35 Business Ad $3.93
36 Cyber Communications $3.69
37 Motricity $3.66
38 TruEffect $3.60
39 TCS Bank $3.46
40 MediaMind $3.43
41 GroupM $3.36
42 Videology $3.29
43 SEEK Commercial $3.26
44 Proclivity $3.15
45 Advance Media $3.13
46 Neustar $3.11
47 iPromote $3.10
48 AdLabs $3.09
49 Interactive Media Sales $3.07
50 Technorati $3.05
51 Meta Network $3.02
52 Yandex $2.95
53 Adform $2.90
54 REA Group $2.86
55 Fiksu $2.84
56 Active Agent $2.81
57 StartApp $2.77
58 Didit $2.74
59 Weborama $2.74
60 Tremor Media $2.72
61 PlatformOne $2.71
62 Sogou $2.63
63 Hybrid $2.62
64 Downstream Marketing $2.61
65 PC World Communications $2.58
66 Digitize/Medialink – US Account $2.57
67 ARAnet $2.54
68 Unruly Media $2.51
69 OpenX $2.49
70 Outside Hub $2.45
71 CyberAgent $2.44
72 AutoScout24 $2.39
73 Collective Media $2.39
74 Media City $2.38
75 MediaNews Group $2.35
76 eMar $2.30
77 CarWale $2.29
78 Video International $2.28
79 Internet Brands $2.24
80 Undertone $2.21
81 Cirrus Media $2.17
82 Agenda Media $2.14
83 Decisive $2.14
84 Ignite Video $2.14
85 Twenga $2.04
86 AMNET $2.01
87 Platform ID $2.01
88 LookSmart $2.00
89 Nirvana Information $1.99
90 Innity $1.93
91 Burst Media $1.91
92 CBS Interactive $1.89
93 Tencent $1.89
94 Demandbase $1.88
95 MediaWorks $1.88
96 Mobile Theory $1.88
97 iContext $1.87
98 Adience $1.85
99 Baidu $1.84
100 Affinity $1.80
101 Inneractive $1.79
102 Digital Response $1.78
103 Mars Technologies $1.77
104 IQM $1.75
105 Rubedo $1.72
106 Magnetic $1.70
107 Inspired Mobile $1.68
108 Times internet $1.67
109 Torrential $1.65
110 Scripps $1.60
111 SteelHouse $1.60
112 Dennis Publishing $1.59
113 PRIMEDIA $1.58
114 Future US $1.57
115 Break Media $1.56
116 CareerOne $1.55
117 Sift Media $1.55
118 Trovit $1.54
119 evania $1.53
120 OneScreen $1.52
121 Conversant $1.51
122 Netmining $1.48
123 Carsales $1.47
124 Ozone Media $1.46
125 AdView $1.45
126 Glimr $1.45
127 One97 $1.45
128 Xad $1.45
129 xBid $1.45
130 Demand Media $1.44
131 Conrad Advertising $1.43
132 VPON $1.43
133 Digitouch $1.42
134 Dynamic Video $1.41
135 Quartic $1.41
136 Pilot $1.38
137 ikoo $1.36
138 Financial Times $1.34
139 Manta Media $1.34
140 YuMe $1.34
141 Ritorno $1.31
142 Verizon w/ DBM $1.31
143 Adjust $1.29
144 PickmeUp $1.29
145 Unique $1.29
146 The Reach Group $1.27
147 Ad Pepper $1.26
148 Black Box Media $1.26
149 Lotame $1.26
150 Net Edge $1.26
151 Voetbal $1.26
152 eprofessional $1.25
153 PriceRunner $1.24
154 Begun $1.23
155 Voodoo Video $1.22
156 SGN $1.20
157 Interactive One $1.19
158 Wikia $1.19
159 GREE $1.17
160 Longtail $1.17
161 Mediasmart $1.17
162 Answer Media $1.16
163 Pulse 360 $1.16
164 Turn $1.15
165 Emerse $1.14
166 Microsoft w/ AppNexus $1.13
167 ZAPR $1.13
168 Smart Media $1.11
169 Sojern $1.11
170 Micro $1.10
171 $1.06
172 TVNZ $1.06
173 OneSpot $1.05
174 Smartclip $1.05
175 YD $1.05
176 eType $1.04
177 IMT $1.04
178 Bizo $1.02
179 DataLab USA $1.01
180 $1.01
181 Merkle $0.99
182 Tekka $0.99
183 The Bridge $0.99
184 AdMedia $0.96
185 $0.96
186 Metacafe $0.95
187 Bell Canada $0.94
188 Harvest Digital $0.93
189 advanced STORE $0.92
190 Ignition One $0.91
191 Rocket Fuel $0.91
192 Adwell $0.90
193 BEHE $0.89
194 Kargo $0.89
195 Theorem $0.88
196 Tap Value $0.87
197 DataMind $0.86
198 Sales Spider $0.86
199 $0.85
200 Suite 66 $0.85
201 HealthGrades $0.83
202 $0.83
203 Wavenet $0.83
204 Oanda Corporation $0.82
205 Trulia $0.79
206 Bonnier $0.78
207 Mixmarket $0.77
208 Rakuten US $0.76
209 Belo $0.75
210 She Knows $0.75
211 Opera $0.74
212 Papaya $0.74
213 BBC w/DBM $0.73
214 Chango $0.73
215 Pocketmath $0.72
216 Hurra $0.71
217 NetSeer $0.71
218 Admeta $0.70
219 Alveo $0.69
220 ibibo $0.69
221 Wise Media $0.69
222 Jubii $0.68
223 Kadam $0.68
224 Avocet $0.67
225 DoublePositive $0.67
226 Martini Media $0.66
227 Rakuten $0.64
228 Axonix $0.63
229 TravelClick $0.63
230 Yoyi $0.62
231 Redux Media $0.60
232 Comune S/A $0.59
233 Digital Throttle $0.57
234 Tribal Fusion $0.55
235 Batanga $0.54
236 News International $0.54
237 Xplosion $0.54
238 FunBox $0.53
239 Sokrati $0.52
240 Ntree $0.51
241 Orbitz Worldwide $0.51
242 Rockerbox $0.51
243 US Media Consulting $0.51
244 EJAM $0.47
245 3 Interactive $0.46
246 AccountNow $0.45
247 Babylon Limited $0.44
248 Ziff Davis $0.44
249 Populis $0.43
250 Bridgewell $0.42

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