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Mobile Ad Network Companies,
They revealed that mobile ad served in very low cpm rates including mobile interactive video ads according to Digital Media Advertising – DMA research report.
The effective cost per thousand impressions comparing desktop and mobile video cpm rates –  (CPM) it cost desktop web ads is about $3.50, while the CPM for mobile ads is just $0.75.

iPhone iAD Mobile Adnetwork is the most high mobile video cpm rates compared to other leading smartphone mobile ad platform adnetworks.

highest average CPM for mobile ads

iPhone Mobile Video

Average cost for mobile ads by devices ,
We found that even the iPhone iAD,  which has the highest average CPM rates for mobile ads traffic of any smartphone, at $2.85 compared to other leading smartphone ad platform from $0.02 to $2.10, still falls short of that CPM for web ads on a desktop. Importantly, Opera’s mobile ad estimates likely skew higher because its business focuses on mobile display ads rather than mobile search ads, which tend to have a much lower CPM.

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mobile video cpm rate

According to our research mobile video ads falls down because of so much more free campaign in internet, including mobile ad platform in any Ad listings have not yet proven themselves particularly effective models for encouraging mobile users to make purchases.

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