Best CPC Giving By Country

The top ten highest CPC,  Excluding the UAE and therefore the North American Nation, consequent 10 costliest countries (Austria, Australia, Brazil, the UK, New Zealand, Chile, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, and Germany) all either share sturdy economic ties to the North American nation, have stormy economies, have terribly high communicative populations, or some combination of many of those.

Also, altogether of those countries, Google acts nearly as a monopoly of search, with no important competition from alternative search engines.

Country’s high CPM banner display ads estimated Ad rate CPM’s & RPM’s best performing CPC giving by country per benchmark industry.

US – $4 to $6 | countries high CPC rate by industry are; business services, bail bonds, casino, lawyer, asset management.

UK/CA/AU – $2 to $4 | Countries high paying keywords by industry are; casino, online gaming, finance, real estate, money transfer, insurance.

New Zealand – $5 to $8 | NZ’s high paying keywords by industry are; design, architecture, healthcare, education, accounting, logistics, trades & services, hospitality & tourism, Government departments.

Austria – $2 to $4 | Au’s online top sales revenue by industry. The latest high CPC and PPC campaign companies and firms benchmark industries are; SEO, automotive, condominium, delicacies, industrial, e-commerce, shopping.

Austrilia – $4 to $6 |

Belgium – $3 |

Germany – $3 to $6 |

Netherlands – $3 |

Switzerland – $3 |

Denmark – $2 |

Norway – $2 |

Slovakia – $2 |

China – $1.50

France – $1 to $4

Japan – $0.8 to $3

Sweden – $2

Czech Republic – $1

Ireland – $2 to $5

Sweden – $1 to $4

Romania – $1

Germany – $0.80

Russia – $0.40

Mexico – $2

Hungary – $2 to $4

United Arab Emirates – $0.60

Saudi Arabia – $0.40

India – $.70

Indonesia – $.40

Serbia – $.20

Singapore – $0.90

Kuwait – $0.35

Italy – $0.30

Philippines – $.10


Bonus Keyword Industries/Niches

Here are related types of contents which will give the high paying rate keywords per thousand organic search sessions that you can target in your blog posts, or commercial websites targeting search keyword the could generate high revenue per page.

  • Treatment $37 CPC

  • Software $35 CPC

  • Classes $35 CPC

  • Recovery $34 CPC

  • Trading $33 CPC

  • Rehab $33 CPC

  • Hosting $31 CPC

  • Transfer $29 CPC

  • Cord Blood $27 CPC

  • Claim $25 CPC

Mesothelioma Keywords sorted by CPC

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that lines the lungs, stomach, heart, and other organs, and unfortunately can’t be cured. Nevertheless, treatment can help reduce the pain. People that contracted mesothelioma did so at their jobs so that is why you see searches like “mesothelioma attorneys”, “mesothelioma law firms” and “mesothelioma compensation”.
This is a very competitive keyword set so unless you can outrank WebMD and MayoClinic, I suggest you look for other industries.

KeywordVolumeKDCPC (USD)CompetitionResults
compensation mesothelioma1064.96568.670.91594,000
mesothelioma attorney houston3055.72545.840.74109,000
mesothelioma attorney california1055.3390.080.86223,000
mesothelioma compensation11064326.850.84596,000
pleural mesothelioma stages9071.76318.440.93148,000
mesothelioma lawyer directory2063.42290.340.86212,000
mesothelioma lawsuit settlements11061.8276.440.85139,000
statute of limitations on mesothelioma claims9053.98274.070.8264,000
lawyers for mesothelioma4058.43265.920.86537,000
mesothelioma settlement fund4059.3257.120.82262,000

*Competition of 1 means highly competitive.

Top Paying Keywords for the Lawyer Niche

Being a lawyer must be nice. You get to dress in a suit (which I love) and you also get to afford to spend exorbitant amounts of money for website traffic. Not too shabby.

KeywordVolumeKDCPC (USD)CompetitionResults
car accident lawyer moreno valley9052.02584.441112,000
ft lauderdale car accident lawyer1048.18566.171267,000
auto accident lawyers in chicago9059.03542.9512,280,000
car accident lawyer ny3053.89508.6211,320,000
car accident lawyer in phoenix2055.27504.5301,070,000
california motorcycle accident lawyer3047.51475.7815,410,000
car accident lawyer augusta9044.3463.711416,000
car accident lawyer in fort lauderdale5047.13462.9711,110,000
personal injury lawyer ft lauderdale1043.06429.361860,000
dallas truck accident lawyer9049.674261721,000

Doctors keywords CPC Adsense

In this list you will find a mix of people looking for Physicians and people looking for a PhD program.

KeywordVolumeKDCPC (USD)Com.Results
can you sue a doctor for wrong diagnosis4070.83250.960697,000
doctorate in security7074.61189.19125,000,000
doctor after car accident4060.59136.95129,200,000
doctors car insurance1066.17128.4613,100,000
car accident doctor atlanta7043.8122.421762,000
rehab doctors21059.77118.49022,900,000
business doctoral programs online3073.19118.1911,810,000
best doctoral programs in education3077.26114.31111,000,000
top online doctoral programs in business1071.32112.461995,000
educational leadership doctoral programs online2081.12108.971734,000

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