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Keyword Relevant

The Truly Function of the keyword of your posted article content in your website is only determine what kind of website/niche categories ads flow must be very important by displaying relevance from your keywords,

Keywords and Importance of Keywords in SEO

Utilizing the right keywords on your site is the indispensable first stage in successful internet searcher optimization (SEO). The web search tool then returns with a rundown of site pages, with substance that identifies with the catchphrase utilized.

It’s true that writing quality posts will help you to drive traffic but have you ever imagined why you are still not ranking in Google for any keyword or why your quality post will stop getting traffic after some time. One simple thing to understand, Google bot is machine which uses an algo to rank any site for particular keyword. Now, there are many factors which impact your ranking but the first way to get any ranking in Google for target Keyword. Later on you can work on backlink building to increase your rank and get more traffic for such posts.

The most keyword relevance contains two short term the longtail keyword or the short tail keyword this is the best way of being popularity of your website,Which means the keyword of every post you made of your website is the best method strategy and very important on how your site being popular and rank in search engines. 

To find relevant keywords of site/page/article – is you must target keyword from your site title, h1 site description.

For every Web Master you must know and always examine your website,about how your website crawl for every keyword query You must check your daily  popular post and then post again the same niche of your popular post. Don’t post any niche content ,you must concentrate what kind of your niche discovered by search engine.

If you can’t do the manual keyword seo you can use Keyword tool for ” Researcher: A long tail keywords generator tools.

Keyword Competition –  The Ultimate Guide to Competitive, The simple strategy is the hardest way but effective. This is the simplest way “Keywords Learn Where and How to Put Keywords of you post content.”

Article as Keyword placement is the most important perspective in getting a huge traffic from Search Engines. Keyword Research is the main thing. Without that your Content will never be found by mass audience no matter how well you do right.

Article Directories

Although the past just required a lot of keywords in published content, But article directories today it’s very important to consider it for rank not even keyword density (percentage of keyword usage) in order to get your work published online. Carefully checking keyword density to avoid problems with search engines,  Because search engines frown upon content that’s been obviously stuffed with keywords and will “punish” the sites that publish it, Search engine problem for indexing are keyword stuffing, over keyword density, maintain keyword 5% per article, spamming, SEO mistakes that can end your blogging.

When writing content with keywords, always try to keep the keyword density under 2%. There are a few sites online that can check content for its density and help you get your work published everytime.

Keywords are still important because the search crawlers and search engine spiders are but mere software that search the Internet to build a database of indexes which will be use to rank search terms. I agree though that backlinks are powerful indicates to the search engines but again then , backlinks to what key search terms? The search engine must use some means to associate what the user type in the search box to the what it will return to the user.

5 Most Applicable White Hat SEO Content Keyword Technique,

1. Quality Content

When we first started looking at SEO as a separate entity to website build there was one phrase that we would continually hear, “content is King”, and it’s true. There is nothing more valuable you can do to optimise your site for search engines than offer unique well written content. A search engines aim is to serve up what it believes to be the most appropriate website for any given search to the end user.

Imagine we are the end user and we are searching for a portable air conditioner for hire. We go to our favourite search engine and search for the phrase “portable air conditioner hire”. In this imaginary scenario let’s assume there are only 2 websites that target that phrase,

Website 1

Website 1 consists of a single page with 3 paragraphs of text. The text tells us that the company does portable air conditioning hire and give us a phone number to call.

Website 2

Website 2 contains 30 plus pages all focusing on various portable air conditioning units that we can hire, costs and technical explanations of how portable air conditioning units work.

Which website do you think the search engine is likely to offer to the user first? It’s a rather obvious example but it illustrates the importance of good content so your priority should be good quality content.

2. Use Structural (Semantic) Mark Up and Separate Content from Presentation

Semantically structuring your mark up helps search engines understand the content of your webpage which is of course a good thing. Making proper use of heading elements is essential because search engines give more weight

to the content within the heading elements.

Using CSS to separate the design elements from the content makes for much leaner code and makes it easier for search engines to find what they’re looking for, which is content. Remember content is king!

3. Titles and Meta Data

Providing pages with proper titles and meta data is essential. As discussed in the top 5 black hat SEO techniques section the meta description and meta keywords elements have been so misused in the past that Search

Engines now regard them as less important, it’s still important to use them and use them properly. Titles however still carry a lot of weight and when we think of semantic mark up it is obvious why. The title of anything is a declaration as to what the content might be, so make sure your page titles are a true representation of the content of the page.

4. Keyword Research and Effective Keyword Use

Create your website with keywords and key phrases in mind. Research keywords and key phrases you think people might use to find your site. Single words are not always the most effective target, try multi-word phrases that are much more specific to your product/service and you’ll be targeting end users that are much more likely to want what you are offering.

Use the keywords and key phrases you’ve identified effectively throughout your website. Assign each page 2-3 of the keywords you’ve identified and use the keywords throughout all the important elements of the page. Those are,

  1. Title
  2. Meta Description
  3. Meta Keywords
  4. Heading Elements
  1. Text
  2. Alt Tag
  3. Title Tag
  4. Links

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5. Quality Inbound Links

Having inbound links to your website can be likened to having a vote for the good but there are good links and bad links so therefore votes for the good and votes that are bad. Good links are links from other web pages

that are regarded highly by the search engines and are contextually relevant to the content of your page. Bad links are links from web pages that aren’t regarded highly or potentially banned by search engines and have no relevance to the content of your page is the Best SEO Tools.

For example;

Assuming we have a website that sells telephones.
Link A: Link on the homepage of the British Telecoms website. = Good
Link B: Link on John Smiths Beer and Ale appreciation links page = Bad

The amount of quality inbound links to your site therefore have some relevance on how high up the search engine your site is placed. When sourcing links you should be thinking of quality over quantity and deep linking to pages within your website not just the home page.

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