Top Mobile CPA AD Networks 2014 – 2020

Mobile CPA Networks

Mobile affiliate or CPA networks provide inventory on a CPA basis, They are allowing to offer advertisers a performance model for mobile advertising. App developers and mobile publishers can use mobile CPA networks as ‘fill’ for the inventory that CPC or CPM based networks cannot provide ads in. Mobile affiliate marketers or media buyers also leverage CPA networks for PPC arbitrage using mobile ad networks.

Impact-Mobi – global mobile performance network which offers CPL, CPI and CPA based models on a highly transparent basis

Mobpartner – the original mobile affiliate network – large range of offers, great tech platform and highly trusted billing and settlements process

Kissmyads – German based CPA network with a strong roster of offers targeting European markets across a range of merchant types

Yeahmobi – a global performance based mobile affiliate network focus on affiliates. They share profitable campaigns with affiliates to help them make money, offer weekly payment; and provide a tracking and optimization tool “Yeahmobi Optimizer”.

Admobix – run a range of high payout and converting offers across multiple international markets

Sponsormob – well established mobile CPA network with high quality offers including pay per call and a strong tech platform

Mobilda – Israeli mobile affiliate network run by a larger online marketing – have some strong branded offers

Linking Mobile – UK based network with a range of extremely high quality programs with extremely high payouts – high quality brands and merchants

Mobaff – invite only CPA network, with outstanding training, resources and affiliate support

Apprupt – premium mobile performance network which provides cost per install for mobile applications – strong in European markets especially Germany and has deals with major publishers for high quality inventory

Moolah Media – mobile CPA and CPL network with a range of integrations for mobile offers including in the Android messaging system

Offermobi – runs a range of mobile performance offers, coming from more of an online affiliate approach

Mobile Cactus – specialist mobile CPA network based in the US

Neverblue Mobile – the mobile arm of the well respective affiliate and performance network Neverblue

The Worlds Top Mobile Advertising Networks, DSPs, Ad Servers and Platforms,

Welcome to our Best list of the worlds top mobile advertising platforms. There are a huge number of mobile ad networks out there right now – until only recently there were only a handful. What’s more is that new types of services such as mobile DSPs (demand-side-platforms) or mobile ad companies offering mobile rich media tools are also growing in importance so it’s about more than just networks these days. Keeping track of all of these new types of services is tough, so we’ve created this list. There are a number of categories we’ve used:

  1. Global Networks – mobile ad networks with a global reach, typically sold on a CPC basis
  2. Regional Mobile Ad Networks – have strength in particular geographic areas
  3. App Promotion – focused on promoting mobile apps typically on a CPI (cost per install) basis
  4. Mobile Rewards & Virtual Currency – linking mobile ads to in-game mechanics
  5. Mobile Rich Media – focusing on mobile video, HTML5 and high engagement ads
  6. Mobile CPA Networks – offer advertising on a cost per action basis – affiliate marketing for mobile
  7. Premium Mobile Advertising Networks – restrict inventory to leading brands and publishers typically sold on a CPM basis
  8. Local Mobile Ads – using geographic targeting to provide locally relevant mobile ads
  9. Specialist Mobile Ad Networks – focus on a particular model (e.g. cost per lead) or a particular platform (e.g. Android)
  10. Mobile Demand-Side Platforms – allow buying across multiple mobile ad networks, often with a services/ campaign management and analytics layer
  11. Mobile Ad Servers, Optimizers and SSPs – allow publishers and app developers to integrate with multiple mobile ad networks.

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